I had a crazy-busy last week, so I took some Sunday (slightly hungover) downtime to catch up on my Internets and realized the past few days really crushed it. Some of these gems have already gone viral, but I had to make sure all my Witty + Pretty people were up to date on this amazingness.

5. Emma Stone Lip Sync Battle on Fallon.
I saw this posted earlier in the week and was like, meh, how EPIC can it really be? But since I have been girl crushing on Emma since Superbad and obviously am obsessed with Jimmy, I knew I had to watch. Thank God I did.

4. Sad Kanye.

Someone on Reddit found this photo of Kimye in a “random zip lining office in the middle of Mexico” and it may be one of the best celeb snapshots ever. There are hoards of sad/pissed off YEJUS (or whatever he calls himself) pics on the ‘net, but the “dejected ropes course Kanye” is by far the greatest.
sad kanyeI bet he’s pissed he has to wear a helmet. We all know he’s not a fan of helmet safety.

3. Obama’s Sassy Speech Between Two Ferns.  

Did I just want to call the POTUS sassy? Yes. But is this speech seriously comedic, self-deprecating, and pop culture relevant? 100%. It’s facking 20 minutes long and I watched the whole damn thing. The man has swag.

2. Look Up. This video made me cry, get all introspective, and think about how hashtag #blessed I am that I grew up climbing trees, building forts, playing in the dirt, reading books, spending every summer day at the local pool, and riding bikes until dusk. I didn’t even have Facebook until after college (thank God). Most of us are guilty of what’s in this video, but it still serves as a positive (and poignant) reminder to put the technology away sometimes.

1. The Beygency.

This past Saturday night on a bachelorette party, we got back to the hotel, ordered room service (chicken tenders, duh), and started talking Beyonce. One of my friend’s was all, “I just don’t understand the whole obsession,” and (after I recovered from shock), I whipped out my computer and made everyone watch the “Jealous” and “Partition” videos. The tune changed after that.

Although my friend’s life might still be in danger….

I’ve seen some sub-par SNL skits lately, but they totally redeemed themselves with this slice of genius.

Some things are worth looking down for.


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