You know that feeling when you work a crazy 10+ hour day…and you get home…and take your bra (or pants) off?


You guys. That’s how I feel when I put on my new Sanuk sandals. I have basically worn them every day since they arrived on my doorstep and I don’t know how I lived without them before. I’m always on the hunt for the perfect summer footwear, and after slipping my feet into these gems, I could never go back to that popular flip-flop brand that does nothing for your feet and will remain nameless. My sole mates (pictured below with some other summer essentials) are going to be the first of many.
sanuk sandals beach essentials

This past weekend on a bachelorette party in Charleston, I let my friend (who was wearing the aforementioned brand that will remain nameless) try on my Sanuks. And she freaked. I had to do the awkward, “Hey girl, can I get those back?” The sole is crazy cushy (made from an actual yoga mat), they have decent arch support (major plus), the fabric is super soft (read: no brutal blistering), and I love the way the secure, wraparound design of the yoga sandals hugs your feet (um, who doesn’t love a good foot embrace?). When I slip them on after yoga, I feel extra zen.

sanuk sandals 2

Speaking of yoga, Sanuk’s campaign right now is ‘never an uncomfortable moment’ and I am no stranger to those. Remember when someone farted in my face during hot yoga? Not only did I feel violated, but it interrupted my breathing patterns making for quite an uncomfortable situation. But as I walked out of class, I thought, Ok, this will make for a funny story.

When I forgot to pick up my suitcase at airport security and had to run up a giant escalator the opposite way and felt like I needed an ambulance and an oxygen mask by the time I reached the top, I realized (after my heart stopped beating at 3948729347234 beats per second) that it would also make for quite the story. (Also, had I been wearing Sanuk sandals instead of my fancy, strappy ones, the elevator workout may not have been so horrendous.)

When I got busted in Heathrow airport with a vibrator and my knees almost gave out from mortification as the security agent made me TURN IT ON, I also realized that such a #FML moment would make for an entertaining tale.

In short, when something awkward and/or embarrassing happens, I make the best of it by sharing it with the world. If I can make someone laugh and brighten his/her day, then the situation was worth it (most of the time).

Even better if I’m wearing comfortable shoes.


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Life is full of awkward, embarrassing and downright tricky moments. But when you wear Sanuk shoes, you’ll be perfectly comfortable handling the kinds of situations that make others cringe. Find a pair that makes you comfortable at

Disclosure: Compensation was provided by Sanuk via Glam Media.  The opinions expressed herein are those of the author and are not indicative of the opinions or positions of Sanuk.

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