You know those products you discover and wonder, HOW THE HELL DID I EVER LIVE WITHOUT THIS!?

This is one of them (ps, there’s a 25% discount at the bottom).
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Gleam Body Radiance is unlike any beauty product I have ever used. It was developed by superstar makeup artist Melanie Mills, who was the makeup department head for Dancing With the Stars (and won an Emmy for it). As in, she’s literally the reason the dancers looks so bronzed and flawless while they’re twirling around in sequin lingerie. And praise the Lawd, she’s bottled her magic potion for us common folk.

This miracle product is the “go-to professional face and body makeup that transforms skin into a perfect velvet canvas, hiding imperfections, and improving overall skin texture.” It can mask veins, skin discolorations, even psoriasis. But more importantly, it gives you a beautiful bronze glow (instantly!) without some of the nasty stuff that goes into actual self tanners. The primary ingredients are jojoba, aloe, and vitamin E so it moisturizes the skin without irritating it or clogging pores. Gleam also infuses seaweed extracts for wrinkle filling and skin tightening (hollaaaa!), green and white tea for antioxidants, and the glow is so unique thanks to high-grade crushed pearls (#rich). And get this: It washes off when you want it off, which means you never run the risk of Cheeto hands (or Dorito knees). Also, there’s zero funky smell.

Here’s the deal. You CAN rub Gleam right onto your skin (it’s made for that), but I like to mix it with moisturizer. For my face, I mix a small amount with my Avene cream:

gleam moisturizer tanner
Behold #NoMakeupSelfies before and after a modest amount of Gleam (you could go much darker):
gleam before and afterHoly Casper on the left.

For body, I use a higher concentration. The beauty of it (literally) is you can play around with the amount until you perfect your own concoction–start small and add more if you need it. It blends beautifully and if you F it up, just wash it off. I actually poured half of a 1 oz. tube of Gleam into a 5 oz. bottle of body lotion, so now I have my mixture ready to go at all times.

I was introduced to this product by Atlanta’s tan guru, Tiffany, at RAW Bronzing Studio after I saw a photo she posted on Facebook about the “magic of Gleam,” and immediately got in my car and sped over to the salon to see what the hell this was all about (seriously).
tiffany gleam
Since Tiffers is the expert on all things sunless tanning, she also schooled me on the product before I went home with my tube, put on “California Gurls,” and started rubbing it all myself whilst singing “sun-kissed skin, so hot we’ll melt your popsicle, oh-oh-a-oh-a-oh-a-oh-a-oh.” I digress.

From her: “I personally do Gleam after my moisturizer/sunscreen. I let it dry before adding the Gleam. A little goes a LONG way. Start with a pea size for upper body and if you want it darker, add more. For Gleam to be truly transfer-resistant, use on clean, dry skin (NO lotion, oils, sunscreen, etc). Let it dry, then get dressed and you should be fine. To make Gleam water-resistant, use it on clean, dry skin, let it dry, then apply a natural, water-based SPRAY sunscreen (like Coola) on top. That will help ‘seal’ it a bit.” (PS, this product is a great compliment to spray tans. I will get my RAW bronze on, then as it starts to fade, I’ll use Gleam to bring myself back to super-sun-kissed status.)

It seems like a lot of info, but it’s truly a simple product to use. I just want to cover all the questions you may have. I have not noticed any rubbing off on my clothes at all, but with wearing white, you just have to be cautious (especially if you’re sweating). Always make sure the Gleam is dry to the touch before pulling on a white top. And if you do get any on your shirt, bra, or sequin onesie, it will not stain (hallelujah).

When you put it on your face, it may look dark, but know it will blend well and not look as dark as you think. As for shades, I use the bronze gold, but all of the shades are made to work with any skin tone (again, magic). As for size, a little does go a long way (that’s not what she said), and if you plan on only using Gleam on your face and upper body, the 1 oz. tube ($15) will last you a while. But I recommend getting the 2 oz. ($30) or 3.5 oz. ($40) bottle because I know you’re going to be obsessed, and what if you ran out before a big date? THE HORROR.

Your date on Gleam:
date on gleam
Your date when you run out of Gleam:
Now that’s scary.

You can shop online (PS, check out the game-changing lip gloss, too), or if you’re in Atlanta, pick up Gleam at RAW. And if you have any questions, feel free to leave a comment below and I’ll do my best to answer them. Also, this video is not only fun to watch, but gives a lot of info on using the product.

Glow on, gurl.


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