Who loves DUIs!?

If you just said, “I do!”, then how are you reading this from jail?

Anyway, Atlanta now has another awesome, easy way to get around safely with Hailo, an app that brings a cab to you with two taps of your smartphone. Like other transportation apps you may know or use, your credit card info is saved so there’s no messing around with cash. Have you ever had an a-hole Atlanta cab driver tell you his credit card machine is broken (and by “tell you”, I mean “lied to you”)? Well no more of that, and more importantly, no more “That will be $12 for the quarter mile I just drove you in Buckhead,” because the Hailo drivers have to use the regulated, metered fare.

And get this: FREE rides while they launch this weekend! This is excellent news if you like saving money. From today (Friday, May 9) through Sunday, May 11, just download the smartphone app from the iTunes App Store or Google Play and enter code FTW20 for $20 off.

Wondering where you should go? I have some ideas.

1. Shaky Knees Festival. DUH. Don’t even try to drive there unless you love parking rage and anxiety attacks.

2. To church. Ever pull up to church in a cab? It screams, “I just boned a random last night but still made it to God’s house to erase my sins.” That’s the Southern way, y’all.

3. The other Church. Get yer arse down to Edgewood, the best strip of bars this side of the Chattahoochee, and party with the three kings (below) whilst wearing a choir robe, duh. Then go take a pickleback shot at Mother because again…duh.
sister louisa's church

4. Your ex’s house at 3 a.m. Hey, you have needs.

5. Mother’s Day brunch. I mean, you’re going to want to booze it up with moms, right? RIGHT?!

6. Nowhere. Just ride around and get it.

7. Red Lobster on Cobb Parkway. That’s right, Hailo cabs will take you all around the metro Atlanta area (read: even OTP), so you can go eat 593748924 cheddar bay biscuits then have a safe ride for when you slip into that carb coma.

8. Treat yoself. Get a blowout and makeup at Glowdry, sugaring at Sweet Peach (psst, there are specials this month), mani/pedi at Passion (book an appointment with my girl Kathy if you can), and top it all off with a new bra/panty set from Intimacy. Now that you’re all sexy-fied, you just need a date.

Which brings me to…

9. Tinder date. If you’re anything like me, you drink your face off on first dates. Just kidding, I don’t do that. (Yes I do.) And because you’d be crazy to let a stranger from an iPhone app pick you up at your house, you should definitely cab it.
tinder profile picWhatup Michael.

10. The car wash. Has anyone ever taken a cab through a car wash? You could be the first.

If you think all my ideas suck (I don’t blame you), then take Hailo wherever your heart desires. It’s your taxi, your journey, but not your money (well, until you hit the $20 mark).

Enjoy the ride!


*Psst, I’m giving away a package of three free Hailo rides! If you use the app this weekend, leave a comment below with where you went/what you did and I’ll select a winner on Tuesday. 

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