I’m Ashley and I love vodka.


But now I’m even more legit in my dedication to this majestical beverage because I’m officially a part of Pinnacle Vodka’s Cocktail Club. This means I will be drinking and posting about all its glorious flavors and concoctions throughout the summer. While Pinnacle is a lower priced vodka, it’s actually distilled five times (that’s a lot) and has won a truckload of taste awards. In other words, I am more than happy to be on this sauce.

Last week, my ol’ buddy Trey (you may know him from selfie fame) and I flew up to NYC (your parents may call it THE BIG APPLE) to kick off #PinnacleCocktailClub with a party at the Maritime Hotel.

You guys. There…was…vodka…EVERYWHERE. And it also looked like Pinterest exploded all over that bish.

cinnabon vodka edited
So many ideas for parties, showers, girls nights, random Tuesdays…

Renowned master mixologist Brian Van Flandern walked us through whipping up some beverages and schooled us on the proper ways to shake, strain, etc. He even lit an orange peel on fire, but mainly I just muddled. I love muddling.

I really dug this s’mores cocktail with Pinnacle whipped vodka, Godiva liqueur, club soda, and marshmallows as an after-dinner drink. Or breakfast, whichever.

It was awesome to meet the Pinnacle folks (fellow vodka enthusiasts = my people) and the other bloggers inducted into the Cocktail Club.

Trey still isn’t so great at the group photo thing, though.
But we did end the evening with a prom shot. #Standard.
Stay tuned for more Pinterest-y pics, cocktail recipes (lots of low-cal ones for the summatime), videos, and overall boozy antics over the next few months, and keep up on Instagram @AshHess (that’s where all the real vodka gold will be).



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