A week ago, a friend posted on Facebook that Jay Z was the Nickelback of rappers. After I recovered from shock, I politely inserted my correction:
pitbull nickelbackObviously, the thread got heated (you can’t just throw around crazy statements about HOVA like that and not get backlash), and I noticed one girl commented, “I can’t stand Jay Z or Beyonce.”

And I was like:
nene gif

I messaged her immediately: So do you really not like Beyonce?
Her: I am just not a fan at all. I can’t stand almost anything to do with her.
Me: Can I interview you?

Meet McKenzie, a server/bartender at a Buckhead hot spot, promo model, and former pageant coach who has strong opinions and doesn’t give a fuck what anyone thinks (even if you disagree, you have to admit those type of people are refreshing).mckenzie

Here is our chat.

So, let’s dive right in. What’s your opinion of Beyonce?
She is the role model I wouldn’t want my children to look up to for the reason that she is a fake. People talk about her saying she is on a throne like she stands with God. I mean come on now; why does there need to be a religion based on her and her music? It’s insanity.

What do you mean about being a fake?
I’m not going to say that she hasn’t been through trials and tribulations in her life because I don’t know her. But I will say she preaches in her music about things that women face, but what can she really say she has been through? She is a millionaire living a life of luxury telling women if you like it you should put a ring on it. Or all the single ladies put your hands up. How about you Beyoncé go back to high school and get an education because you don’t even have a GED.

Damn! Are you a single lady?
Ya, I am single and I do not put my hands up, lol.

Ha, so what do you do at weddings/bars/whatever when that song comes on and everyone gets up and dances?
I mean, most the places I frequent don’t really play all that. When she comes on at work, I run over to the Spotify and change it. I just try to think the alcohol makes everyone’s inhibitions low. Listen, I can dance to Spice Girls when I’m drunk. But to me, that’s my childhood and their music doesn’t make much sense. It was the ‘90s though.

90s: Best music ever. Who are some artists you like now?
I love David Guetta, Iggy Azalea, Katy Perry (who is no genius but you can’t hate her), a lot of oldies. Country music is more my style though. Jason Aldean, Kenny Chesney, Tim Mcgraw.

I love Iggy so much. And you don’t like Jay Z either right?
I just think he is a little hypocritical. He wears this 5 necklace around which means that he hates white people.

Do you think they’re in the Illuminati or whatever?
I don’t want to say that. It just seems wrong to me. I wouldn’t walk around with a swastika on or a KKK hat; it’s wrong that he feels like that is appropriate. He is a role model to society.

Why do you think people are SO obsessed with Beyonce? I mean, I love her music, but it’s crazy.
She is a product of what society has made her. She is a talented singer. But I think that her publicists have done an amazing job of continuing to push her down society’s throat. I know Atlanta is an urban culture, which is why we are the hip-hop capital of the world. Maybe that is why her Church of Bey is based here.

Yeah that shit is cray.
She is an Urban Princess. People think she does no wrong because it is never put out that she does.

Do you think she’s beautiful?
I won’t say she isn’t pretty, because she is saying you don’t have to be rail thin to be beautiful, which is what our society needs.

I mean, I want her body.
I can even admit that it’s rockin.’

What do you think about people who dress up like Bey for Halloween?
My friends and I dressed up as Fantas one time and the Purge this year. It doesn’t really matter. I don’t think kids should [dress like Beyonce] because it’s a little too sexy.

I just asked that because I dressed as her one year. And did the dance everywhere I went.
Shake your hand girl everywhere! Just don’t twerk; that is out of control.

Hell no. Did you like Destiny’s Child before the whole Beyonce craze?
I won’t say I did not sing “Survivor” as a kid; that would be a lie. But the ’90s were the best.

(It was 2001, but who’s counting.)

Lastly, what do you think about this whole Solange attacking Jay Z situation?
I think that 99% of women don’t attack men for just no reason. He did or said something that was out of line, and if my husband/boyfriend or even my best guy friend was deserving of a butt kicking I would let him take it from my sister. We sadly don’t know what was said but now we all have a funny pun. Jay Z can’t say that 99 problems but a b*tch ain’t one. Because now a b*tch is one. Sorry I’m not sorry.
jay z solange meme
There you have it, folks. Someone call The Beygency.

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