When the sock bun came out and some of my friends were galavanting around town with these big, perfect updos, I had a tantrum. Not only was I not coordinated/talented enough to master the technique, my hair wasn’t thick enough to make it work. Every sock bun post on Pinterest was like, “See? It’s easy!” and I was like, “Oh really? Go f*ck yourself.”

But recently, the $5 bin at H&M caught my attention and I picked one of these up:
sock bun donut
Not that this is some new invention; these spongy donuts (mmmm donuts) have been around forever (Lauren Conrad has probably been using one since like, ’06), but I’m late to the ball game like a deadbeat dad.

The first time I tried it was mostly because I didn’t want to wash my dirty hair. So I went HAM with the dry shampoo (psst, roundup of my fave greasy locks lifesavers coming soon) then got down with the donut. The style works extra well with hair doused in aerosol chemicals.

Here’s the easy technique:

Obviously I earned a drink for that.
sock bun hair donut

I was worried my hair wouldn’t be able to cover the large donut, but it did. And even if there are small gaps, you can’t tell because the ring is brown. However, if you have REALLY thin (or shorter) lovely lady locks, you might want to try the medium size. If you have a shit ton of hair, maybe you want to try this ridiculousness:

donut bun
I mean, there could be a family of four living in there.

H&M sells these hair pieces, but you can find them other places, too (Amazon, Ulta, Claire’s, Krispy Kreme, etc.) on the cheap.

And to all those girls who rock a perfect sock bun, LOOK AT ME NOW.

nene hair flip


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*Featured image from Pinterest

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