Vodka at the beach is a no-brainer. Well, vodka anytime is a no-brainer. This past weekend was Hangout Fest, and when I party/festival hard for 3+ days, the smartest thing to do is stick with vodka. Sure, I’ll have some shots here and there (duh), but I steer clear of wine, brown liquor, tequila (it really does make your clothes fall off), and sugary mixed drinks.

When you’re mixing a drank for the beach, you want to keep it simple, so I came up with this two-ingredient concoction to whip up the second I set foot on the sand.

Introducing: The Pinna-Colada.
pinnacle colada
It’s just one part Pinnacle pineapple vodka and two parts coconut water (or equal parts if you drink like me).

And here’s the instructional video:
pinnacle colada video 2
A refreshing, delicious cocktail that also hydrates you? Summer can start now.




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