Well that was the best weekend ever. Hangout Fest 2014 was perfect in every way–perfect group, perfect weather, perfect amount of Pinnacle vodka (approximately 539753987245 bottles), perfect performances (OUTKAST for the win), and perfect looking gentlemen everywhere. As I announced before my departure, I started the hashtag #HotGuysOfHangout and did my best to capture the hottest male specimens at the fest all weekend.

Let me just say this was the best idea I’ve ever had. Not only did we have the perfect excuse to talk to any hot guy we saw, but they all LOVED it (um, who doesn’t like to be called hot?), and we made so many new friends/soulmates. I think I fell in love about 47 times, only had to break one guy’s heart and only got dumped once. Overall, a huge success. My partner in crime was my friend (and #HotGirlOfHangout) Kelsey, who you’ll see in a lot of the photos. You can tell the fellas did NOT want to get close and take pictures with her (yeah right).

Presenting….The 22 Hottest Guys You’ll Find at a Music Festival:

1. Hot Guys With Tattoos
So many inked-up gentlemen and I loved every inch of them. I’m talking about their tats, you pervs. I especially liked the dude below with a butterfly tattoo. Tramp stamp on your delt? Why the hell not!
hot guys tattoos 2
hot guys tattoos 3
hot guys tattoos
hot guys with tattoos 5

2. Hot Guys Who Could Save Your Life……or Get You Arrested

If you love a man in uniform, these are your dudes. And for a hand job, they could probably get you backstage. (But don’t quote me on that.)
hot security guards
hot guys hangout fest

3. Passed Out Hot Guys

You’re probably not going to make out with this particular fella (unless you’re giving him CPR), but he’s fun to mess with.
hot guys passed out

4. Ex-Reality Show Hot Guys
That’s right, Ace from Real World Paris is part of our group and not only is he hot, but he’s probably the nicest dude on the planet. Leave a comment below if you want his Snapchat info.
ace real world

5. Hot Guys With Beards

I love facial hair and there was plenty of it to stroke at this fest. Guys love it when strange girls stroke their beards. Or at least they pretend to.
hot guys beards
hot guys with beards 3

6. Really Giant Hot Guys

It’s great to have a really tall guy as your festival crush, so you can easily spot him at every show. Even with my mad ups (that means jumping skills for you white people), I still was barely as tall as this headband-wearing Sasquatch.

hot giant guys

7. Hot Guys Eating

Let it be known the food at Hangout is legit. I had a chicken gyro and footlong corn dog that rivaled any five-star meal I’ve ever eaten. But I was also drunk. Anyway, if you see a guy eating, go up and ask him for a bite of his weiner. It works every time (so I’ve heard).
hot guys who love festival food

8. Hot Guys Who Are Love Whales

This fella is a rare gem. He got lost on the way to his shift at Sea World and ended up at a Zedd concert. Don’t be fooled by his sensible fanny pack and Crocs with socks; he knows how to rage.
hot guys whales
Oh you want a video of this sexy stud? Fine, fine.

9. Hot Guys With Not-Hot Friends

What…….a buzzkill.
hot guys with not-hot friends

10. Hot Guys From Panama City
These fellas drove over the state line in a rented Escalade and are ready to #YOLO. You can spot PCB guys by their earrings, sneakers, and chin straps. They could also be from New Jersey or Tampa (tough to tell).

hot guys jersey shore

11. Hot Guys Who Are Too Young For You

This guy and I hit it off, then I took my vodka goggles off for a second and realized I could have been his mother. Ok, older sister.
hot young guys
He told me he was 24 but liked “older women” (FML). So I let him make out with my chin.
hot young guys 2

12. Hot Hairy Guys

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: I’m down with body hair.
hot guys tattoos 4
But then again, I don’t want to see your back fro glistening in the sunlight…
guys back hair

13. Hot Guys Who Will Get You in Trouble

If you see these bros coming, PUT THE DRUGS AWAY.
hot guy who will rat you out

14. Classy Hot Guys
Spot a guy drinking white zin out of a fine crystal goblet on the beach? Marry him immediately.

hot guys who are classy

15. Hot Guys in Long-Sleeved Shirts on the Beach

Suns out doesn’t always mean guns out. This guy is conservative, but judging by the open buttons, also knows how to let loose. Or he’s just really sunburned.
hot guys with long sleeves

16. Hot As F*ck Guys

I mean…damn.
hot guys hangout festival

17. Hot Guys Who Know Chick Lingo

I can’t.
hot guys who can't even

18. Hot Guys From Your Hometown
Peace up, A-town down, shawty. Still haven’t seen this guy on Tinder, but I’ll keep swiping.

hot guys from your hometown

19. Hot Guys in Banana Hammocks

Everyone, meet my soulmate. Put your lady boners away.

borat bathing suitAnd how about that……nip slip.

20. Hot Guys Who Don’t Want Their Picture Taken
They also may have resting-bitch-face girlfriends. My bad, girl.

hot guys with girlfriend

21. Hot Guys With Hot Mouths

Nothing I love more than a great mouth on a guy. I spotted this guy’s kisser from a stage away. Sadly, we did not kiss (that I know of).
hot guys with hot mouths

22. Hot Guys Who Love Selfies

But first….let me take a selfie with this smokin’ dude on a Motorola flip phone (my favorite prop of the weekend). This guy and I fell in love like for a few songs during Trombone Shorty, but we ended things when I got bored talking to him and my beer was empty.
hot guy selfie 2Maybe I’ll send him a “miss you” text (with T9Word, of course).

So there you have it. And there were even more who didn’t make the cut, but maybe I’ll release them on Instagram from time to time. After the fest, I definitely had #HotGuysOfHangout withdrawal and almost snapped a photo of a good-looking dude in the Cracker Barrel Country Store on the way home. I think I may have a new hobby/addiction…

‘Til next time!


Who do you think is the hottest guy of Hangout? Share in the comments!

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