Do you ever fantasize about trading in your lifelong best friend for a celebrity BFF?

Oh you do? That’s f*cked up.

But yes, it’s fun to admire celebs and be like, “Ohmygod, we would totally be besties,” even though you probably wouldn’t because most of them aren’t nearly as “normal” and “cool” as they seem, but whatever, we can dream.

Here are some of Hollywood’s coolest chicks and a quick, easy way to find out who is your long-lost best gal pal. AND THEN, once you figure that out, you can quickly enter to win a beautiful, custom necklace and bracelet to share with your IRL BFF on June 8, which is…wait for it…NATIONAL BEST FRIENDS DAY (who knew?!).

So who’s yours?

1. If you want someone to rock out to the Spice Girls with and always “eat the damn red velvet cupcake” with you (because YOLO), your celeb BFF is…

Emma Stone
emma stone

If you want a friend you can always count on to say something outrageous (but adorable), eat fast food with, and get you into parties (where she’ll probably get drunk and puke, but who cares), your celeb bestie is…

Jennifer Lawrence

 If you want to hang with a gal who’s way smarter and funnier than you, so she makes you smarter and funnier by default, your celeb bestie is…

Tina Fey
tina fey

 If you want a friend to party your ass off with, bring you on expensive vacations, and make fun of you (but with love…maybe) in front of others, your celeb bestie is…

Chelsea Handler

If you want a friend who will sing karaoke and eat Easy Mac with you at 3 a.m., your celeb bestie is….

Anna Kendrick
anna kendrick mac cheese

If you want an inappropriate friend who will always make you feel better about your own fucked up sex life, your celeb bestie is…

Amy Schumer
amy schumer

If you want a bad bitch to go shopping for expensive clothes, quote Clueless, and twerk at the club with, your celeb bestie is…

Iggy Azalea
iggy azalea

8. If you want to be around someone who’s funny, quirky, smart, cool, and literally doesn’t give a shit about anything superficial, your celeb bestie is….

Lena Dunham
lena dunham golden globes

 If you want a bud who will physically beat up your man if he disrespects you and not even expect you to step in, your celeb bestie is…

Solange Knowles

 If you want to hang with a bore who only talks about herself, will probably take a selfie while you’re sharing your deepest, darkest secrets, and expects you to worship her awful husband, your celeb bestie is…

Kim Kardashian
kim kardashian duckface

Ah yes, I threw in Kim K. (or W?) as a joke. Ain’t nobody wants to be besties with that bish (not even her sisters).

Ok, so now…THE JEWELRY. These gems are from the brand new ValColbert Circle of Life line. The Circle of Life pendant is made of a beautiful, hammered sterling silver with a brushed gold accent that hangs on a sterling silver chain (and the circle can actually be spun). One winner will receive the necklace ($100) and bracelet ($80) so you can keep one and gift one to your best gal.
Kelley Circles 3-2 COL bracelet
To win: Leave a comment below stating simply who your celeb BFF would be from the list above (make sure you have the “post to Facebook” box checked), then enter via THIS LINK (it takes two seconds).

AND once you register to win, you’ll be given a promo code to receive 10% off other ValColbert pieces! You can check them all out on the Etsy store.

Here’s to best friends (the real ones)!


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