If you can watch this without cringing and/or nervously laughing, I will give you $8,000 and a six-pack of cigars on ice.

Don’t get it twisted; I think the ladies certainly have the moves, but I have so many questions. Such as…

1. Which bridesmaid, after a couple glasses of moscato, was like, “You know what we should do at our friend’s special ceremony? A chair/lap dance routine to “Drunk in Love.”

2. Where can I get those double-slit dresses with the undecipherable applique?

3. On a scale of 1 to comatose, how uninterested do the groomsmen look?

4. Is that guy in the front row really wearing jeans, a red T-shirt, and Jordans?

5. What’s up with the drums in the beginning of the song, and can I get that tribal remix on Spotify?

6. How much more awkward would this be if white people did it?

Bottom line, I just wish the groomsmen would have been more excited. I felt like this was a middle school dance (only with less boners).


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