Take a look at some of these “plus-size models”:

Laura Catterall
laura catterall

Ali Tate
ali tate model

Jennie Runkjennie runk
Shareefa J and Jada Sezer
plus size models

Robyn Lawley (my girl crush)
robyn lawley

Leyanne Dixon 

leyanne model

Charlotte Quita Jones
charlotte quita jones model

Saffi Karina
saffi plus size

I feel enraged when I see a female who is healthy, toned, and probably no more than a size 8 (read: 3 sizes smaller than our country’s average) referred to as plus-size. For the love of God, Robyn Lawley has a damn thigh gap. I get that it’s a modeling “industry term” but I still don’t understand how they get away with this bullshit. Can we not call them “normal-size models?” I guess then we’d have to refer to the 5’10 girls who wear size 0s and strut down the fashion week runways as “underweight models,” which is obviously an ABSURD idea. Or how about stripping away the toxic labels altogether and calling them all just “models” and letting the public see what they want? Nah, that would never work.

This plus-size blogger needs a drink.


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