Let it be known I’m pretty obsessed with Iggy Azalea right now, and if I were to choose a celeb couple to have a threesome with, it would most definitely be her and Nick Young (AKA Swaggy P).

Iggy-Azalea-Nick-Young-GQ-3I mean….

Try to find a sexier, cooler, more stylish couple than these two right now. (Let’s be honest–the sexy part knocked Jay Z right out of the running.)

Obviously I follow them both on Instagram and I noticed it was Swaggy’s birthday this week, so I wondered….What does a bad bitch like Iggy get for her rich and ridiculously well-dressed NBA boyfriend who has everything?

New skinny jeans? NOPE.

Bling? NOPE.

Love and Basketball on Blu-ray? NOPE.

She got him a damn Segway.
swaggy p  iggy azalea
And if you look closely, there’s ANOTHER Segway in the video, which means Iggy Azalea and Swaggy P are going to be riding the streets of Hollywood or wherever they live on His and Hers motorized standing scooters, which is nothing short of FANCY (you already know).

Iggy’s birthday is this week (that’s right; they’re #Gemini #soulmates), and Swags has already started to gift her up…
iggy azalea nick young
If my own Prince Swaggy is listening–my birthday is July 9, boo.


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