Full, shapely, well-groomed brows make a face that much more beautiful–they’re expressive, draw attention to your pretty peepers, and add dimension to your mug. Some might even say they’re the most important feature! Just ask these gals…

best eyebrows celebs

Some women recognize the importance of good brows, but others have no idea how they can totally change your face for better…..or worse.
worst eyebrows 1
worst eyebrows 5
And that, my friends, is why I don’t do drugs.

ANYWAY, fuller brows are becoming more of a beauty statement (largely in part due to supermodel Cara Delevingne), but not everyone is blessed with enough hair up there (or we’ve over-tweezed in our younger years and are paying the price now).

I realized just how much shapely brows improved my own face at a recent video shoot where I had my makeup done by Sarah Egan (who just so happens to be in charge of Cecily Strong’s face on SNL, nbd).

photo shoot brows copy
Sarah used a brow palette by Senna cosmetics, which is the best of the best. She used a taupe shade, a little lighter than my brow (in the neutral kit).

After the shoot, I knew I needed something to step up my brow game, but instead of splurging on a full Senna kit (I still think I might have to, though), I stopped by the MAC counter and snagged the brow set in Show-Off for a measly $16.

mac brow set 3
Just brush the mascara-esque wand on your brows, starting at the end closest to your nose, working outward and brushing up to create the arch. If you mess up, the gel easily comes off with eye makeup remover and a Q-tip. After I’ve applied it, I usually brush through my brows with a dry wand to blend and soften.

(Click here for a quick Instagram tutorial)

brows 4
For one easy-to-use product and a lack of professional makeup artist skillz, I think it does the trick. But for a few more killer products that’ll help a sister out with the above-the-eye area, click here.

Brow down bitches.


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