Dear dry shampoo,

How do you know me so well? How do you know that it will be Thursday night and I’m planning to work out, shower quickly at the gym sans hair washing, then grab a quick, casual bite with girlfriends and go home, but then I’ll have a couple glasses of wine at dinner and get a text from a Top Tier Friend (or crush) and decide I have to go out? But wait, I haven’t washed my hair since Tuesday! And I don’t have time to do it now (plus, I’ve already showered, duh). Then you appear like a knight on a white horse in a compact spray can, ready to tackle the greasiness atop my head, and make me look halfway presentable for meeting the aforementioned friend(s), crush, new crush. It’s like you know me better than I know myself. You complete me. I don’t even care that your second ingredient is propane, and if I were to get too close to an open flame whilst dousing myself in you, I would literally die.

However, you know I have commitment issues, which is why I have multiple dry shampoos in the rotation. Don’t worry–it’s not you; it’s me.

Love always,

And now…the five best.

dry shampoos

1. Pssssst! ($4-$8): First of all, SIX s’s? In the name of a beauty product? Come on, Clairol. I had to Google it just so I can accurately spell the damn thing. But anyway. One of my NYC BFFs Louisa raved about this glorious product, and then one of my hair crushes on FB, Shawna, confirmed its amazingness, so I went out and got me some. It dries up the dirtiness, is pretty invisible (I used it on my darker locks pre-highlights and was fine), gives you major body, and it smells awesome. Available in most major drugstores and Ulta (and if you can find the larger cans, STOCK UP). 

2. Klorane ($10-$20): If you’re fancy (and you already know), snag this FRENCH product that’s extra gentle on your locks and has oat milk in it. Maybe that cancels out the propane. Or not. It works just as well as Psssssst! but you feel richer and it’s probably better for your inhalation. Available at online retailers; in Atlanta, I purchase at the incredible Skin IQ.

3. Oscar Blandi Pronto ($11-$21): This line is arguably the best in dry shampoo, and this powder is the original and a best seller across the board. Pros: It’s not in a spray can so you won’t inhale fumes (probably not the healthiest) and/or catch on fire. And it REALLY works. Cons: It’s not in a spray can. Also, it’s not the best for darker locks (too much powder and you look like you’re going gray up there). Available online and at Sephora. 

4. Oscar Blandi invisible spray ($11-$25): AHA! The same quality brand but in a handy spray can and made for all hair colors FOR THE WIN. Available online and at Sephora. 

5. Salon Grafix ($3-$8): I started using this because they have it at Flywheel and really loved it. It’s invisible enough for darker hair and it works just as well as the others for drying up dirtiness and giving volume. And it’s cheap. Available at Target, Walmart, Ulta.

And if you want some tips for dry shampooing and working out (hint: use it BEFORE you sweat), check out my girl Donna’s blog, Yoga in Heels.

Love and dirty locks,

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