If you’re a regular W+P reader, first of all: I love you. Second of all, you probably know I’m on a constant mission to bring my hair to its maximum potential. And I thought I had all the tools and tricks…until I received my Harry Josh pro dryer.

harry josh hair dryer 3
Now, this is a $300 piece of beauty equipment, which may sound a little absurd (then again, Harry Josh IS Gisele’s hairstylist), but hear me out. I had been using my Twin Turbo dryer, which I loved and made an improvement on my lovely lady locks, but after using the HJ (heh) for a few months, I’m seeing glorious results and so much less breakage.

Let me be clear: HAIR DRYERS ARE THE MAIN CAUSE OF HAIR BREAKAGE. If you’re using a cheap piece (especially if you’re using it daily), it’s traumatizing your tresses. Sure, there are other factors involved (genetics, products, coloring, banana consumption, etc.), but this truly makes a world of difference. Just ask the bazillion celebs who use it–Sophia Vergara, Rose Byrne, Miranda Kerr, Helena Christensen (pictured above), etc.

I still stand by the Twin Turbo as a solid dryer, but you cannot get any better than the Harry Josh. It’s lightweight, but super powerful and high-tech so it dries your hair in much less time than you’re used to. Technical talk: ION functionality promotes intense softness and shine while ensuring a silky-smooth finish free of static. It has a 2000-hour motor life, double the life of a standard dryer (comes with a two-year warranty, btw), and its specialized dual filtration system reduces energy consumption by 70 percent (so you’re going green…literally).

miranda kerr

Plus the cord is super long so you can be drying your hair, realize you forgot your getting-ready-cocktail in the other room and (probably) still grab it without pause in your routine. And aesthetically, it’s the prettiest dryer ever created: Mint green, sleek, compact. Would you expect anything less from Gisele’s mane man?

It will make you want to take a #HarryJoshSelfie.
harry josh hair dryer
For the record, I’m not one to push a product this expensive, so I wanted to use it for a few months and see if it actually made a difference and it did (duh).

UPDATE: The dryer is now $250 and I don’t know if this is forever or what, but hop on that shit!

In case you’re curious, the styling iron is the best of the best, too (ask Debra Messing), and it’s also cheaper than it used to be ($175, used to be $250).

And if Harry Josh isn’t in the cards right now, NBD. But for the love of God, please consider kicking that $25 Conair to the curb like your last shitty ex-boyfriend. You deserve to blow something better.


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