In April, Nair flew me to NYC to shoot a series of “summer style and beauty video vignettes” and I wasn’t exactly sure what it entailed, but a few days before the shoot I received this in an email: “Are you comfortable in a swimsuit on camera?”

I’m sorry, what? Did you say swimsuit? On camera? As in, the same type of camera that adds 10 pounds (that’s no joke).

I replied yes, but double checked to make sure my spray tan was booked and started popping Hydroxycuts by the handful.

I did FOX News the day before, so was already in camera whore camera ready mode, and the experience was awesome. It was at this rad place Gary’s Loft in Brooklyn (so hipster, y’all) and I was the only “model” on set with a team of a dozen people (stylists, hair/makeup, director, camera crew, stand-around people, etc.) for 10 hours and somehow it flew by. Maybe I’m just meant for that #ModelLife…
nair model 1
Breakfast and lunch were catered, and while I did not indulge in the eggs and bacon for breakfast (bikini, duh), I did crush salmon, pasta, and a cupcake at lunch (what bikini?).
nair model

The stylist Katie was the sweetest, and I wanted to keep all the 398492374982734 swimsuits, coverups, shorts, crop tops, accessories, and shoes she pulled for me (but I couldn’t because I don’t think it works like that with non-celebs). And speaking of celebs, the makeup/hair gal Sarah works with a lot of famous folks and actually does Cecily Strong’s makeup for SNL. I felt pretty important while she was curling my locks and perfecting my brows.
nair model 1
bikini coverup fringe
bikini coverup crochetDo I have the resting model bitch face down or what?

AND….the videos were just revealed and I love them! They’re fun, informative, short, and sweet. Take a look.

Bathing suit coverup guide (how amazing is that maxi dress?):

Weekend getaway essentials (and a slight camel toe):

Packing the perfect beach bag (and when I felt like an arm model):

Pool party essentials (I died for those high-waisted shorts):

How to keep your skin glowing (when I lubed myself up for a good 20 minutes so we could get the right footage):

(And of course, use Gleam for the best illuminator in your lotion).

I’m sure Victoria’s Secret will be calling in the next few days to offer me a modeling gig, but until then, I’ll keep blogging (and eating). To check out the rest of the Nair Style Revelations videos featuring other bloggers, click HERE.

And here’s to SUMMER!

Gisele Ashley

*Follow on Instagram @AshHess for more modeling pics (yeah right)

*Just kidding about the Hydroxycut; are those still a thing?

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