In the world of commercials, there is nothing worse than stupid ones whilst watching your favorite TV show, but there is nothing better than awesome ones on the Internet.

Like these doozies:

1. Grey Poupon’s banned commercial that’s punny as shit (literally).

Burgers, grannies, and a Cleveland Steamer reference. NAILED IT.

2. More amazingness from Hello Flo.
This has already gone super viral, but ladies, if you haven’t seen it, IT’S A MUST.

I mean, can I please adopt that girl? Also, I can’t wait to say “I’m on my ladies days.” (Here’s Hello Flo’s first jewel if you missed it.)

3. This condom commercial for a cause.

It’s not as LOL-funny as the first two, BUT GET THIS: For every condom purchased from this brand, they donate one to someone in a developing country in need. They are literally the Tom’s of prophylactics. Also, I’m down with the statementĀ “Good men know how to love and f*ck at the same time.” (But like, where are those men?)

To all those lame-ass TV commercials out there: Take some damn notes.


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