My good friend and genetically #blessed male specimen Tribble Reese (you may recognize him from Bravo’s The New Atlanta) is the king of what we like to call……the #LipSyncSelfie. Every time he posts a snippet on Instagram, W+P blogger Trey is jealous, females everywhere get lady boners, and his 98293729847897349 Instagram followers go bananas. Well ol’ Tribbs is in Germany right now “playing football” (or so he says), but really just traveling Europe and making everyone jealous. He also has/had a job working at a pet shop for residency purposes, so take a minute and picture this guy picking up dog feces:
tribble reese model lisa george

Good visual, huh? Don’t worry, you’ll get to see him in all his pet shop uniform glory in the video. So without further ado, a compilation of some of the #LipSyncSelfie king’s best:

I mean, is anyone having more fun and embracing life (and pop music) more than this guy right now? (Eminem in the dentist chair, ARE YOU SERIOUS?) In case you’re curious of the whereabouts, Tribble informed me that the countries featured in the video are: Germany, Czech Republic, Amsterdam, the Netherlands, Hungary, Austria, USA (before departure), and Mexico. I didn’t realize Mexico was in Europe, but then again, I wasn’t a geography major.

I just know our pal has got to make it on The Tonight Show one day to battle with Jimmy Fallon, so feel free to share this blog post/video to try to make it happen. If he makes it on, we all get to go. Probably. Get your passport renewed just in case. I think they film in Cancun.


*Oh yeah and Tribble is single (and straight). Stalk him up, gals.

*Here’s my #LipSyncSelfie compilation, which definitely rivals Tribble’s as far as exotic location.

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