You guys, I’ve tried a whole lotta’ beauty products; I’ve praised many, I’ve dissed others, and I’ve chosen not to write about some. I actually had an incident recently when a company sent me a pricier product and kept stalking asking me about when the post was going up. I finally had to say, “Listen, I don’t think you want me to put up my review.” They backed down after that. So I hope you know I would never lie to you. Consider this blog a tree of trust. A cocoon of candidness. A warm womb of brutal honestly. What?

That being said (whatever I just said), CosMedix’s Serum 16 is the best anti-aging product I’ve ever put on my face. And I feel as though we came together serendipitously. I got a sample in a gift bag from an event I wasn’t even planning on attending, but stopped by last minute. Like when you just want to stay in and watch Bravo and eat cheese on a Saturday night, but your friends drag you out and you meet your soulmate. (That’s never happened to me, but I think it’s a thing.) ANYWAY, I knew CosMedix was a really quality, cutting-edge line, and when I smoothed on the Serum 16 for the first time, it felt so right.

Serum 16 (30 ml.)Any magazine you read preaches about incorporating a retinol into your regime in your late twenties, age 30 at the latest. But I’ll be honest–I’ve tried a few and was never impressed. This serum is considered a retinol but fancier with the magical ingredient LG-Retinex–“an encapsulated blend of retinol and retinadehyde unique to CosMedix.” They call this the “new gold standard in anti-aging” and “the closest thing to prescription strength age defiance without a prescription.”

I typically use it twice or thrice a week at night, after cleansing with the CosMedix Purity Clean (obsessed with this exfoliating cleanser and its peppermint cooling effect). If I’m feeling ambitious, I apply it to my eye (read: crow’s feet) and forehead regions with my Clarisonic Opal, then smooth a light layer on the rest of my face with my fingers. I let it sink in an hour or so (not required), then apply my moisturizer.

I’m not going to say this magically gets rid of wrinkles because no product can do that, hence why Botox was invented. But after a few weeks, I noticed my skin looking and feeling smoother and tighter, and a close friend said it looked like I had less freckles. What she really meant: Your sun damage appears to be improving (and it has, PRAISE JESUS). But it’s not even necessarily about what you notice; it’s about what it’s preventing in the long-run. And the fact that I even notice a difference (especially for being younger with not a lot of wrinkles) speaks volumes about this product.

And the best part: Serum 16 is (relatively) affordable at $78 a bottle (a little goes a very long way, I promise). I’m sorry, but I’m not spending $150+ on a small serving of anything unless it’s instantly going to fill in my forehead lines, make my hair grow longer instantly, and give me a six-pack. And even then I wouldn’t, because something like that would definitely steal your soul and give you gas. Shop at with free shipping and sales often (and get a great deal with this handy set of Serum 16 + the exceptional Hydrate moisturizer).

In addition to using a great retinol like this to combat face aging, you should also drink a massive ton of water, use SPF (this one is the BOSS), eat healthy, exercise regularly, and try not to scowl/frown that much (resting bitch face is ok though, because we all know women can’t control that). Or just be black.


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