Remember back when I BANDITED the Georgia Half-Marathon and the Internet exploded with hateful runners who felt my selfie stunt robbed them of their running experiences for the rest of eternity?

Well because I’m a terrible person and total narcissist, love to steal, refuse to pay for anything that goes to a good cause, and basically hate America (and babies, puppies, and all minorities), I figured I would literally STEAL Atlanta’s greatest Fourth of July tradition: The Peachtree Road Race. Why pay for a number when the roads are public and you can save that cash for hookers and heroine later? My mama didn’t raise no fool.

Now even though I only ran about 50 feet alongside my registered runner friend for encouragement whilst wearing flip flops and with a drink in hand, I am still 100% CERTAIN that this stunt completely ruined the race for the 17 trillion runners, caused NUMEROUS safety hazards, made Obama cry, and killed a puppy somewhere (which is good because I hate them).

But because those catastrophes weren’t enough to satisfy my black soul, I decided to take the rest of the morning during the race to steal everything in my sights. Sorry everyone, but THAT’S WHAT BANDITS DO.

First I stole this guy’s race bib straight from his mother f*cking crotch so people would think HE was a bandit and beat him up before he crossed the finish line. And everyone knows the paramedics won’t help a grown man in Daisy Dukes.

I copped this bike, then rode it to the finish line, dumped it in a bush, and ran across the finish line to come in first place. Then I rode the bike back to the tailgate and continued the THEFT SPREE.

I looted approximately five ice cubes from the community ice bag at the tailgate because IDGAF. IMG_9296

I made a vodka drink with said ice cubes then went out in the middle of the street and tried to trip people (mostly children).

I took this asshole’s beard…
…because ‘MERICA.

I stole Wonder Woman’s superpowers, straight from her armpits.
I heisted this dog then took it straight to an illegal dog-fighting ring in Bankhead. Good luck out there, sweet Goldendoodle.
I swiped this Kill Cliff sports drink. Even though the guy that handed it to me is a close friend and works for the brand, I’m sure that me taking this specific beverage caused a legitimate runner to get dehydrated and pass out mid-race, so MISSION COMPLETE.
Actually this guy did pass out from dehydration.

And I took a selfie with him because I’m a heartless bitch.

I stole a high-five from this guy (and about 39274892374 others). TAKE THAT, AMERICA.

I swiped this guy’s trumpet, then smacked him in the face with it and told him he was no longer welcome in MY marching band. Then I played Nickelback songs instead of the Star Spangled Banner.
I thieved this Indian headdress, then I wore it to an Indian reservation later that day because they find it offensive when white people do that. GO ME.IMG_9306
I took Kate Middleton’s engagement dress (she deserved it) then lifted this American flag straight off the Capital Building. (I put in WERK, y’all.)

I stole this X-RATED banner…
…then I went and hung it on the doors of a Baptist church right before the 11 a.m. service began.

And last but certainly not least, I Grand Theft Auto’d THE FUR BUS.
Drinking and driving? I mean, is there any other way?
When’s the next race?


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