Oh Dewey Beach, Delaware–my favorite place on Earth and birthplace of some of the most glorious cocktails ever invented. Since I go to this majestical slice of coastal heaven every July for vacation, this month’s #PinnacleCocktailClub posts will be honoring some of the tried and true Dewey Beach elixirs. (And never forget that the standard Dewey cocktail pour is 16 ounces because AMERICA.)

Ladies and gentleman, I present to you: THE BULL SHARK.

bull shark 1
This drank was created at the greatest bar on the east coast (and in the world), The Starboard, which is coincidentally where my younger brother works and makes more money in a weekend than I do in a month. He made the tantalizing beverage in the photo above and provided me with the SUPER SECRET recipe, complete with Pinnacle vodka:

1. Start with a 16 oz. cup with ice.
2. Fill halfway with champagne.
3. Add an ounce (or a tad more) each of Pinnacle Orange vodka and Pinnacle Raspberry (or Berry or Red Berry) vodka.
4. Fill rest of glass with equal parts (about an ounce) of orange juice, cranberry juice, and Red Bull.

Oops wrong picture, sorry.
bull shark edited 2
Here’s the thing. You know (from yesterday’s post) I’m not a fan of energy drinks, but a splash of Red Bull here and there isn’t going to kill you, and the small amount in the Bull Shark is just what you need when you’ve been day drinking since noon and are trying to power through until 9 p.m. (or if you’re like me, last call). You can also make it with a splash of club soda instead of Red Bull, but then you have to call it the Soda Shark, which doesn’t sound as cool or scary. I love to make a big batch of Bull Sharks for the beach or any sort of gathering; plus, the bubbly makes it extra special, so you could definitely serve this refreshing concoction at a shower/birthday/bachelorette party/Bachelorette viewing/baptism/funeral/quinceanera/etc.

And live every week like it’s Shark Week.


Pictured above is hot Starboard bartender Paige. 

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