Before I left for Mexico, I wanted to be extra prepared (for once) to document my trip via iPhone. I picked up a portable charger and a monopod (AKA selfie stick) so I could take photos and video without my mug being all up in the camera and you guys could see more of the beautiful country in the background than a close-up of my freckles sun damage.

After the first night and 93479375 margaritas, I got back to my lovely hotel room at the JW Marriott Cancun Resort & Spa and started to play around with the monopod. Clearly I was a pro.

So I took it out to Cenote Azul the next day, ready to go full Travel Channel on that bitch. It didn’t quite pan out like that.

Yes, shattered my two-month-old iPhone on the first excursion of the trip. Just glad I could capture the trauma on video. (As if I need to say it, do NOT purchase this cheaply made monopod if you have any plans to use it and keep your technology intact.)

But I didn’t let it put a damper on an incredible experience at this certified paradise. Picture a giant, natural swimming pool surrounded by lush greenery…
And you can jump off a rock into the cool, crystal clear water (it feels higher when you’re up there, you guys). Obviously, we had to film that jewel in slow-mo.

Who let the dinosaurs out?

Despite the shattered iPhone on a trip when it’s actually really important I have my phone (#FML), the magic of the cenote took all my cares away. If you’re planning a trip to Mexico, I highly recommend a day trip to one of these magical jungle pools.

I may not be coming home (as long as I can find an Apple store here).
broken phone


More to come…..and follow the trip on Instagram @AshHess!

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