There are few things in life I love more than vodka, coconut, and the beach. Actually, maybe zero things.

So when I discovered Pinnacle’s coconut vodka on my way TO THE BEACH, I flipped the F*CK out. After the liquor store employees tranquilized me and I recovered, I got my alcoholic creative juices flowing and realized that a perfect, simple cocktail was about to be born.

Behold: The video (with a special appearance at the end).

In case you didn’t catch that concoction because you were anxiously awaiting a nip slip, waiting for me to screw something up because I am world’s least skilled bartender, or were in stunned awe of my resemblance to Queen Bey, it’s as simple as 1, 2, 3. Literally.

(Put the) Lime in the Coconut
1. Pinnacle coconut vodka in a cup with ice (a normal person/bartender would say 1.5-2 ounces; I say half a cup).
2. Top with club soda and a hearty splash of lime juice (fresh or bottled).
3. Mix and garnish with fresh lime.
lime coconut cocktail on beach resize
As if I need to say it, this is refreshing, LOW-CAL for the win, perfect for summer, and delicious. It goes down easier than a girl with a tongue ring (what?), so be careful when you’re drankin’ or you’ll wake up in the kitchen wondering how the hell this shit happened (oh baby).

For more incredible cocktails made for beaching and outdoor entertaining, check out the Pinnacle Great Outdoors Pinterest board where other bloggers who are way craftier than me are sharing their impressive creations. Here’s a sneak peek at another favorite cocktail of mine (Dewey Beach’s own Orange Crush) and this lovely presentation for a bridal shower, courtesy of my BFF Cory:
dewey orange crush

For the record, I did the chalkboard. Don’t judge.

We be all night,

*Coverup is from South Moon Under, hat is San Francisco Hat Company from the Raw Bronzing Sun Shop.
*Special thanks to my love Louisa for shooting this cinematic masterpiece.
*Follow on Instagram @AshHess for more #BoozePorn!


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