“All women are crazy.” A statement we’ve heard too many times before. Well guess what, guys are fucking crazy, too, so let’s put the whole backlash of that statement behind us and focus on this educational video for a second. (For the record; crazy to a female is equivalent to creepy as a male, so if you want to hit a guy where it hurts, call him creepy.)

This teacher made me pay attention to a math lesson more than I ever did in school. Watch as he explains where females fall on the hot-crazy matrix and the different zones (date zone, marry zone, restraining order zone).

Of course, there’s SO much more to females than their attractiveness and crazy level (intelligence, humor, ambition, clinginess factor, whether they’re STD-free, etc., etc., etc.), but this is still entertaining AND you just got a geometry refresher. (Or is it algebra?)

I think I’m destined to be in the fun zone for life. So where do you (or your lady) fall?


Thank you to Donna of Yoga in Heels and FORME Studios for bringing this to my attention!

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