A friend posted this on Facebook last night and I followed his instructions immediately:
1) Go to the CDC’s FB page 
2) Read their post about Ebola
3) Read the comments 
4) Laugh hysterically at people freaking out 
5) ….pause for a moment
6) Cry yourself to sleep when you realize how many morons there are in the world.

He couldn’t have said it better, and my face is still puffy from the state-of-the-world sob fest. The CDC posted a statement about Ebola and THE INTERNET EXPLODED; nearly 1,000 comments with 3/4 of people acting like the government-arranged zombie apocalypse was hours away and the other 1/4 telling those people how completely idiotic and uneducated they were.

And I’m over here like
michael jackson came for comments
Because I know you don’t want to scroll through all 900+ like I did (FML), here are some of the top gems (and just WAIT until you get to Lydia….).

A few smart people kicked it off with some snarkasm (and correct usage of ‘they’re’)…

Screen Shot 2014-08-03 at 10.13.12 PM

Then someone literally said WE ARE DOOMED…..and there was talking of sex and needles because diseases.

2For the record, sex IN the Ebola lab at the hospital. Because that’s hot.

I think this guy is addressing population control, but he lost me after killing…


Then…….ILLUMINATI! Is this guy blaming Bey and Jay?! 


I love a good SMH and misused homophone. Cheers too you, girl. 


Emily forgot to take her mood stabilizers before hopping on her iPad. 


Some rebuttals! Nancy nails it (USA! USA!) and Noel says TWATS for the win. 


Space suits LOLOLOL!!


Bre says this…


Then…..ENTER LYDIA, who perfectly articulates the situation (and also pretty much sums up the nature of EVERY STREAM OF CONTROVERSIAL COMMENTS ON THE INTERNET). 

Bre: EPICALLY BURNED and basically shunned from the Internet forever. 

But Lydia got mixed reviews.
12Kristen: You are the #worst.

Austin steps in and I hear him saying this in an adorable surfer boy accent. 

And just for kicks, here’s another Austin comment from an Ebola-related photo the CDC posted:
austinBless his heart.

Shit starts getting crazy conspiratorial (Lydia, that’s a word; I Googled it). 

Protus and Colt took this convo to private message shortly thereafter.

Richard continues to drive Lydia’s point home.


These are just three comments from Luba, who clearly spent the better part of her weekend on the CDC’s Facebook page. I lost track of her comments after 368. 16

After a bunch of other nonsensical comments, Cave Dave checks out with this gem:

For the record Dave, there’s no h in (wiggity wiggity wiggity) wack.


God, I love the Internet.

Now, excuse me while I cry again (THANKS, OBAMA).


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