It’s Labor Day weekend but it feels like St. Patrick’s Day was yesterday (WTF). It’s time to squeeze in all the things you planned on doing this summer but didn’t get around to like traveling the world and getting six-pack abs. What? Or just (attempt to) get a tan and eat seasonal foods.

Which brings me to the watermelon kick lately I’ve been on lately and it’s not even because of Beyonce. It all started in Isla Mujeres, Mexico at the home of the best guac on the planet, Mango Cafe, where I ordered a watermelon mimosa.
watermelon mimosa
So there’s one beverage idea: Blend 1-2 cups of watermelon chunks in a blender until it’s a juice consistency, then mix with equal part champagne. GAME. CHANGER.

(PS, is it just me or does watermelon juice have way more flavor than eating the fruit itself? Am I crazy? Don’t answer that.)

You can also do a watermelon margarita. Mix 2 oz. of tequila, 1 cup blended watermelon chunks, a tsp. of agave syrup, and juice from one lime. For less sweetness, add a splash of club soda. But it’s even BETTER frozen–same ingredients, just add a cup of ice.
frozen watermelon margaritaImage courtesy of Pinterest

And let’s not forget that watermelon is crazy good for you, so mixing it with alcohol just gets all that healthy goodness into your bloodstream faster. Right? Right.

If you’re a vodka person (like moi), you can also try my LOW-CAL favorite: 2-3 oz. of vodka mixed with equal parts watermelon juice and lemon or lime LaCroix sparking water. Throw some muddled basil in there if you want to get fancy.

And have fun riding your surfbort.


*Featured photo is the delicious Sashito at Bartaco. Follow on Instagram @AshHess for more drink porn and funny stuff. 

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