I just watched Gisele’s Under Armour commercial and cried.

Definitely never thought I would write that sentence.

I’m not a celebrity by any stretch, but with this blog, I put myself, my opinions, and my actions out into the world for public scrutiny, and I have received more meant comments than I can count (“You’re a terrible person.” “You have no heart.” “You’re not even pretty.” “You’re not even witty.” “You will be single forever.” ETC. ETC. ETC.). Sometimes they’re in a blog comment (I definitely don’t read them all anymore), and sometimes in a direct tweet or private message to my personal Facebook because that’s classy. Yes, you have to shake it off (‘cuz the haters gonna’ hate hate hate hate hate), but it still stings a little.

Celebs are bullied/criticized every. single. day. of. their. lives by throngs of people who have never met them. I know it “comes with the territory,” but that doesn’t make it suck any less.

This commercial is done perfectly. Every time someone says something mean about/to you, just visualize this punching bag scenario, grunts and all.

Well done, Under Armour. And Gisele, you’re a bad bitch.

I will what I want,

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