After years of waiting, I’ve finally found THE ONE.

Obviously I’m talking about a blender.

The Blendtec Designer 725 (AKA WildSide) is literally the smartest and most advanced home blender in the world (not mention attractive), so falling in love was easy.
It has a 1725 watt motor–the most powerful in residential blending, so it reduces blending time, does an unparalleled job breaking up ice and hard foods, and also allows the blender to have a dull blade (because the motor is doing the work) that prevents blade recalls (ahem, like another brand) and loss of fingers. There are six pre-programmed cycles (juice, smoothie, soup, salsa, ice cream, CLEAN) so it takes the guesswork out of things (because who wants to play guessing games in the morning?) along with touchscreen sliders that change motor, pulse, and function speed (whaaa?). There’s also a digital readout that serves up recipes, nutrition tips, and even coupons/promotions based on the number of uses, and while I have yet to figure that fancy stuff out, I’ll make it a resolution for 2015.

But I’ll admit, my favorite part of this blender is the sweet messages it gives me, because it makes me feel like we really get each other, you know? It greets me when I turn it on and compliments me every time I finish a blend.
blendtec 2
I’m up to 30 smoothies now (which it congratulated me on!) and have yet to see the same sentiment twice. Does your boyfriend/fiance/husband compliment you every time you make a damn smoothie? DIDN’T THINK SO.

I figured the best way to consummate our relationship would be to make a video. I invited my friend and health guru Cara to come over to film and then had her join in (don’t judge). Please excuse my sweatpants and pre-coffee appearance (you know how it can be when you’re in love).

Presenting: The Banana Hammock

It’s high in protein, potassium (and all the other banana benefits), and is a perfect combo of the GOOD sugars and energy-producing ingredients you need before a strenuous workout or a long day.

-1 frozen banana
-1-1.5 tbsp. of almond butter
-1 c. almond milk
-1 tbsp. maca powder (or protein powder)
-1/4 c. So Delicious coconut frozen dessert
Calories: 400


The Cara Weaver Green Smoothie

This is total health in a glass. You have protein, fiber, potassium, and necessary vitamins (A, C, E, K, B6) in under 300 calories FOR THE WIN.

-1/2 banana (frozen preferably)
-3-4 large pineapple chunks (you can alway sub mango or another tropical fruit)
-1 c. almond milk
-Heaping handful of spinach (about 2 c.)
-1.5-2 tbsp. of protein powder (Cara used Sun Warrior vanilla flavor, available at Whole Foods)
-Pinch of cinnamon
-1/2 c. ice if your fruit isn’t frozen
Calories: 260

Listen you guys, I know this blender is a pretty penny, but it’s also the certified boss beast of its industry and gives you unconditional love (I literally cannot say that about anyone I’ve dated). Blendtec also has cheaper options (and even refurbs) and they’re all built with the same badass technology and blending power. Plus there is free shipping right now

I’m going to keep on this crazy-in-love smoothie kick and hope to share more recipes (and details of my love affair) soon.


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