Peace up, A-town down, shawty! What? Sorry. I got excited because it’s been a minute since my last A List and I can’t wait to share some things going down in our glorious city from food to beauty to BALLS. Now that I have your attention…

Bring Me Back Something French
Krog Street Market, Ponce City Market, Streets of Buckhead, 280 Elizabeth. I don’t know that we have the infrastructure to support all these new developments or enough people in this city to sustain 834239487234 new restaurants, but hey, it’s fun to get new shit! And I think The Luminary — one of the first restaurants to open in Krog Street — will last, because every morsel I put in my mouth when I dined at this French American brasserie was délicieux (translation: om nom).
PorkCrepinette 2I love the chef/owner Eli Kirshtein (former Top Chefer), and he did not disappoint, from the cheese curd gnocchi with foie gras sauce (I mean, stop it) to the crispy catfish balls to the honey crème brulee and some chocolate thing that blew my mind.
IMG_3304We sat at the bar where we also had a few (read: more than a few) of the best cocktail I’ve had in a while: The Secret Girlfriend, an orgasmic blend of tequila, ginger, and grapefruit because that’s what makes a wife act like a secret girlfriend and turns a secret girlfriend into a wife. I think. The space is cool—industrial, open, and comfortable, and I felt right at home at the bar (shocker). The Luminary - EATL -  06-2(Photo from Eater Atlanta)

Also open in Krog Street Market is Craft Izakaya, and I’ve heard the sushi is killer, the music is hip-hop clubby, the servers have no dress code (so prepare to see American Apparel’s entire fall collection), and the menu has pictures. YOLO.

And PS, Ladybird (BeltLine awesomeness) opens Monday! HOLD ME BACK.


OK LADIES. If you’ve seen me in person, you’ve most likely complimented my lashes. I’m not bragging, it’s the truth and it’s not like I grew these things myself (you can read all about them HERE). IMG_5249But I know they’re expensive, so White Salon and Spa is offering NEW prices so you can get your lovely lady lashes on for about 30% less than before.

Classic set: $235
2-week fill: $80
3-weeks fill: $90
4 weeks fill: $105

Volume set: $275
2 weeks fill: $95
3 weeks fill: $105
4 weeks fill: $125

If you still have sticker shock, I promise these are some of the lowest prices you’ll find for quality lashes and an expert lashetician (I just made that word up), and Traci at White is the best. ALSO, if you get a full set (the classic is great for most ladies) and book a refill, the refill will be half off, but it MUST be booked no later than three weeks from the date you got the full set. Get these and you can totally hashtag #IWokeUpLikeThis.

Next up is another thing y’all know I don’t shut up about: Sweet Peach sugaring. I can’t tell you how many of my friends I’ve gotten hooked on sugaring (because who doesn’t want silky smooth lady bits?), so if you haven’t tried it yet, now is the time! You can get a Brazilian sugaring for $35 (normally $45) at the Buckhead location through September 30. And at the Virginia-Highland location, body scrubs are $35 with Christina (normally $55) through October 15. If you’ve never indulged in a Sweet Peach body scrub, you are in for a TREAT, girlfran. Pick pineapple, brown sugar, or PUMPKIN OMG, and prepare for a decadent 45 minutes after which you will be so silky smooth you’ll text your boyfriend/husband/booty call “Get over here and feel me,” and he’ll rush to you and be like
take-off-your-clothes 2You’re welcome.

Bring a U-Haul

So I’m out of town for a wedding this weekend and I’ll admit I’m having major FOMO with this doozy. Bobo Intriguing Objects (furnishings wholesaler to places like Restoration Hardware) is having its first-ever (and maybe even last) warehouse sale.
bobsale4Incredible furniture, accessories, artwork, etc. will be LESS than the wholesale prices.

I’m sorry, I need a minute….

What, I’m not crying. Is it dusty in here to anyone else? Anyway, less than wholesale prices and you’ll see a lot of sample, one-off, less-than-perfect, and discontinued items. It’s cash and carry (read: no deliveries, so bring a damn truck) and final sale. Friday and Saturday, 10 a.m.-6 p.m. Here’s all the info. If you tag me in an Instagram post, I will literally cut you. (Photos from Sweet Peach blog, which has a great post on the sale.)

Balls to the Wall

I also can’t believe I’m missing this, but it’s ok because I’ll just go to Bar Meatball when I get back and chow down until they roll my ass out of there. The first-ever Atlanta Meatball Festival (brought to you by the Taste of Atlanta folks so you know it’s legit) is this Sunday ($40 in advance, $45 at the door). Restaurants like No. 246, Cibo e Beve, One Flew South, Bhojanic, St. Cecilia, and more will be battling with their best balls out, and it all benefits Open Hand.
246 meatball(No. 246 meatball)

There will also be beer, wine, and limoncello tastings (TWIST THE KNIFE DEEPER, WHY DON’T YOU), and live music. Again, tag me in a photo and die.

Have a great weekend, jerks.


I shouldn’t complain, I’ll be at the beach. Check out my duckface selfies in Kelvin filter and shameless cleavage pics on Instagram @AshHess.

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