FOMO was setting in hardcore this week for fashion/celebrity/NYC enthusiasts who weren’t at Fashion Week (and even for those who were but didn’t have A-lister access). Lucky for us: Instagram. In case you weren’t sitting next to Rihanna at Alexander Wang or backstage primping with Karlie Kloss, take a look and feel like you were (ish).

1. The Glamour editor-in-chief nails it with her description of these bright beauties at Michael Kors.

2. Speaking of Michael Kors, Angel Candices’ body ARE YOU SERIOUS.

3. Rihanna sat front row at Alexander Wang with her bucket hat on, and Miguel must have just gotten his eyes dilated.

4. But the athletic-y brights at the show were no joke.

5. Diane is quirky, classy perfection as always. Also might need to try those shots

6. Apparently Brit Brit has a lingerie collection. Yeah, I’ll pass.

7. The thinnest model since the heroin chic days claims to eat cookies during fashion week. Must be nice.

8. Gwen: The real-life Bad Bitch Barbie.


10. And these pierced brows (that look real!?).

11. Miley and her designer bestie Jeremy Scott debut their Dirty Hippy collection, but don’t get excited…unless you’re a 16-year-old raver who knows Molly.

Lena gives zero Fs about NYFW.

13. A cool backstage shot of a fresh-faced model and iPhone cases.

14. Street style photog extraordinaire Tommy Ton pauses for fuel (I wonder if he brought Karlie Kloss?).

Some of the most major models in the world (plus Rihanna) attend a charity event after the shows because fashion and philanthropy. Or something.

They so wish we were there.


*Top image collage from top-left clockwise: @glam_com, @mbfashionweek, @elleusa, @dvf 

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