We’ve all been there–at a music festival, football game, Beyonce concert, porn convention, etc. and because there are LITERALLY A BILLION PEOPLE all trying to text/Facebook/Snapchat/Tinder at the same time, your phone shits the bed. Well actually it’s the provider/signal shitting the bed, but you know you’re blaming your phone like, “OMG I like, can’t even with this iPhone right now.”
nene phone gif 2
ANYWAY, I heard about this little trick last weekend at Music Midtown (you know, the one with all the shorts), and it worked to get a text through. Some of you may know about it, but it’s as simple as THIS: Turn your phone on airplane mode for 30 seconds or so, then turn it back off, wait for the signal, then try sending that text telling your friends you’ll meet them at the porta potties in 10.

Now don’t get all excited–you’re not going to do this then be able to use your phone like normal, but it SHOULD work to get that crucial text or two through. I tried it with my friend Ellen twice just to be sure (if you’re on iPhone, it will probably be sent as a text message instead of iMessage).

ellen iphone hack
If you want some more explanation about how/why this works, I just asked technology prodigy Rob (remember, road trip espresso car guy?), and he said it has something to do with time division multiple accessing (TDMA). Whatever, ask Jeeves.

Happy sexting texting!


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