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Confession: I haven’t been to the nail salon in months and I’m proud of it. I have really been werking my at-home mani skills, and if I’m being honest, I only go to the salon to catch up with friends and drink wine and no one has invited me lately probably because I yell talk loudly about personal matters (mine and theirs) across pedi chairs and/or the entire salon. I digress.

But I do miss the gloriousness of long-lasting gel manicures, so when I started seeing DIY gel kits and polishes, I was intrigued. But let’s be honest–there’s no way I’m buying a heat lamp or whatever and setting that ish up in my apartment. That’s one of those things you buy, use once, then toss it in the corner with the NordicTrack. So then Sally Hansen® Miracle Gel™ surfaced (no light needed = no hand cancer) and I was like, I gotta’ get my mitts on that.

So I stocked up on a bunch of colors (available at Target and other stores for $8 each), invited some girlfrans over, and turned my apartment into a nail salon for the evening.


Too bad the sign was supposed to look like this (THANKS, GHETTO PRINTER).


Before we got down to nail painting biz-nass, we poured vino (and vodka) and chowed on cheese (Manchego FTW always), meat, guac, and hummus because duh, we’re females. Obviously I had my fall 2K14 playlist on the speakerbox.

We sat down, took our ‘before’ pics and selected polishes.

From top left clockwise: Game of Chromes, Grey Matters, Throwing Shade, Birthday Suit.

I did a quick file and buff and swiped my bare nails with alcohol (this gets rid of any oils/residue so your polish lasts longer, and it works better than acetone/nail polish remover).

So the process for Sally Hansen® Miracle Gel™ is two coats of color, then the topcoat (no base coat needed). The very first swipe of polish and I could tell it was legit—it went on so smooth and wasn’t goopy at all. Everyone else agreed.

We painted, drank, talked, and laughed, and it was nice because we all spoke the same language.

Finished products:


And then everyone ABANDONED ME so I had to eat the remaining six pounds of snacks by myself.

IMG_4230Some friends they are.

And BIG NAIL NEWS: The next day, my mani matched my mug at a coffee date.


And Cara’s matched her Flywheel hoodie proving that badass fitness instructors rock pink #LikeABoss.

cara nails

And I’m sure you’re wondering. It’s eight days later and my mani is still going strong. And the gel does come off with regular nail polish remover, but I bought the pure acetone just for quicker removal (it literally comes RIGHT OFF with the acetone). I may never go to the salon again.

(PS, enter the Sally Hansen® Miracle Gel™ Perfect Pair sweepstakes to win TEN of the most popular polishes so you can have at-home gel nails for life (or years, at least) with a quick Instagram post.)



Sally Hansen® Miracle Gel™ At Last! Gel without the light!

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