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Guess what, y’all? I packed up the ol’ pickup truck and went to Walmart AGAIN to stock up on beauty products. JK, I don’t have a pickup truck, but Jimmy Fallon does, therefore I want one. I digress. This time at Walmart, I snagged TEN things for under $80, and had to come home, dump them out, and preach the budget beauty gospel.

Check out the video:

About the products…

1. Nivea Crème Moisture moisturizing body wash ($4.97): This superior, ultra creamy body wash is going to keep your skin touchable soft well into 2017 because the bottle is 17 metric tons. Ok actually it’s only 25.4 fl oz, which is also 750 mL, which is also the same size of a bottle of wine. I knew I loved this stuff.

2. Nivea Smooth Sensation body lotion ($5-6): Follow your creamy cleansing with this and people will literally be trying to skin you to make a silk blouse. What?

3. Eucerin Intensive Repair hand crème ($4.66): A must-have for fall/winter unless you like to use your bare hands to sand down furniture. At under a 5-spot, you can buy a bunch and keep them everywhere.

4. Neutrogena Visibly Even daily moisturizer ($13.97): Verdict is in: This is a solid product. It goes on light and truly does even out your skin tone whilst protecting you from the sun’s harmful rays. If you have SUPER dry skin, it may not be enough for the winter, but normal and combo complexions will love it for everyday.

5. L’oreal Youth Code Pore Vanisher ($17.97): I’ve only used this a few times but I can say that it does make a difference in the appearance of my skin. It smooths everything out and definitely minimizes the look of pores (I mean, with a name like VANISHER it better). It also has a tint so can act as a lightweight BB cream! I don’t wear a ton of makeup, so I put this on with a little under-eye concealer and blush and VOILA: Me and my invisible pores are ready to go.

But first, let me take a #smelfie.

6. Simple Cleansing Facial Wipes ($4.97): I’m a huge fan of cleansing wipes, as is any gal who likes to party but knows the importance of taking off her face before bed. And Simple is my favorite because it removes all the gunk, but is easy on the skin with zero harsh chemicals, artificial perfumes, or dyes. Seriously, why do other companies perfume these things? No woman ever said she wanted her T-zone to smell like CK One.

7. L’oreal Miss Manga ($6.97): Look, I’m a believer in splurging on top-notch mascara, but if you’re shopping in the under-$10 range, this is one of your best bets. It gives you dramatic, voluminous lashes with little clumpage (is clumpage a word?). That pink and black tube tho…

8. Revlon Colorstay Gel Envy nail enamel ($4.97): This. Is. THE WINNER. These polishes go on a little thick, but still smooth. Do two coats of color then the topcoat (no base coat needed). It looks as glossy as gel, and my mani lasted a full two weeks, then came right off with acetone (no tin foil or scraping needed). I’ll admit I was skeptical, but I’m a total believer now.

revlon gel envy nail polish

All of that plus an ink cartridge and mouse traps (don’t ask ) and I still walked out of Walmart at under a hundy.
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