If “Anaconda” comes on the radio, I immediately turn the station. If the video comes on MTV, I immediately change the channel. JK LOL like MTV actually plays music videos LMAO! But seriously…can’t stand the “song,” obviously can’t take the video (remember?), but this dance school performing choreography by Tricia Miranda (my new idol), might just make you appreciate the tune.

Some of you may have seen it (since it’s over a mil hits), but if not…..prepare to stare at your screen open-mouthed. When the first three girls perform, you’re like, “No way this can get better.” OH BUT IT CAN.

What are those girls in the middle, like 10? I’m jealous of fifth graders. And that last girl….how can I find her and bring her to Atlanta? Also, I need to sing up for dance class STAT.

You got buns, hun?

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