SPOILER ALERT: The most amazing concealer ever is called……..Amazing Concealer.

Just let that sink in.

Here was my convo at Sephora a month ago in NYC:

Me to the uber-groomed gay man with that “I know my shit” look about him: “I’m searching for a new concealer; any suggestions?”

Him: “Ohmygod yes girl, we have the most uh-maaaazing concealer.”

Me: “Great, what brand? Point me to it.”

Him: “It’s Amazing.”

Me: “Yeah but like, what is it…Laura Mercier, Nars, what?”

Him: “Oh girl” (rolls eyes and grabs my hand) “Come with me.”

He led me over to the Amazing Concealer (tucked away under another brand in the back corner like Baby before Johnny arrives) and my world was changed in that instant by this glorious Sephora angel. I had (embarrassingly) not heard of this cosmetic line (please spare me the “Ohmygod this has been around for, like, ever” comments, you betches), and he explained to me that while the tube is small, it’s super rich and pigmented, so you barely need any.

Amazing Concealer (0.5 fl oz.)
He hooked me up with the medium golden shade (perfect match, of course), and I couldn’t wait to try it. I don’t get blemishes often (thanks, dry complexion), so I really only use concealer for undereye circles (and I’m no stranger to those gems). And this product is perfection. It feels thick but doesn’t cake. It goes on smooth and you seriously need like, a smidge. On the complaint side, I soon realized how fast this shiz squirts out (that’s what she said?). You need to very gently squeeze the tube and get just a dab on your finger to use for areas that need coverage. Is that annoying? Yes. But is it worth it? F*CK YES.

And I did get a bitch of a zit a couple weeks ago and you would have never known thanks to this magic (no wonder it’s preferred and beloved by celebrity makeup artists). As for shades, there are a lot to choose from, but Dermstore offers descriptions of each and you can enlarge the color swatches to get a better look. If you have a medium skin tone (even on the fairer side), the medium golden should work for you even when you have a tan or are wearing bronzer.

If you don’t want to go for the large tube ($42), you can buy the smaller size ($28) on Dermstore.com. (FYI, Dermstore has free shipping/returns AND free gift/samples with every purchase.) But I know you’re going to be hooked just like I am.

Because it’s amazing.


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