Let it be known that I was blogging about “blanket scarves” before the “legit” fashion bloggers got to it, but mine was more of a spring/summer style and it was French because I’m just fancy like that. ANYWAY, last year Zara introduced its big-ass blanket scarf and Pinterest exploded with adoration and “how-tos” (because wearing a scarf is hard, y’all). Apparently I was too busy crushing holiday cookies and downing red wine to notice this winter must-have, but thanks to an Instagram tipster, I got in on this year’s plaid masterpiece (for a measly $30!).

Just yesterday, I was taking an afternoon nap (don’t judge) when I heard a delivery guy knock and drop a package on my doorstep and I was like
cat gif
It was truly like Christmas. I sprung up, ran and opened the door, and half-expected to see a fat guy in red taking off on a reindeer-pulled sleigh. But alas, it was just a black guy in brown walking down the hallway.

I’ll be honest; I was skeptical of this thing. Was it going to be TOO big, not big enough, really soft…wait what am I talking about? But the second I held it, I knew it was everything I’d fantasized about and more.

Obviously I had that shit on Instagram within 30 seconds.


Now of course you’re not going to wear it like that because we’re not in Pakistan or Antarctica, so let’s see how the real fashionistas rock this glorious accessory.zara blanket 1^My girl Cathy from Poor Little It Girl.

I mean yeah, it’s huge (about 5 ft x 5 ft). It’s not a “regular” scarf. But you can totally bundle yourself up, it makes the rest of your body look small in comparison, and it’s PERFECTION for traveling. Also if you go home with a random on a cold winter’s night and he has some bullshit comforter he’s hogging, at least you won’t die of hypothermia. (Just looking out for my single sisters.)

I have a feeling the Zara one could be close to selling out (hurry hurry!), but here are some others gems as well:

Express, $35, about 4 ft. x 5 ft.Express blanket scarf
ASOS (on par with Zara’s), $34, about 5 ft. x 5 ft.

asos blanket scarf(There’s so many more on ASOS, too.)

Kate Spade/Shopbop, $128, 2.5 ft. x 7 ft. (um, that’s long AF)kate spade blanket scarf

And if you’re rich, Alexander McQueen’s cashmere skull scarf for $745…alexander mcqueen blanket scarfAnd that’s a wrap.


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