Right now, I’m estimating there are approximately 923472984398265 lip glosses in my apartment. One of these days I’m going to find them all and lay them out for a photo that will blow everyone’s mind (including my own). But that being said…..I think I have found the most perfect lip gloss ever created.

But before we get into that, I just want to take a moment and make sure everyone and their mother (yes YOUR MOM) know about the most magical beauty/bronzing product of all time: Gleam Body Radiance. I wrote about it before, but my obsession has only gotten deeper as my summer tan has completely ditched me, yet everyone keeps asking where I got my glow. And I’m like…

emoji girlGleam, duh.

It’s the only reason I could wear this to a party last week and not look like a floral romper perched atop two Bavarian sausages.
gleam legs#NoFilter (swear).

And just another testament to Gleam’s magical powers: I barely wore any clothes this Halloween and didn’t even get a spray tan—all Gleam, all over, no smudging/rubbing off, comes off in the shower. Do I really need to say the word magic again because I will. And for the record, this isn’t just a body product–I put Gleam on my face (mixed with my moisturizer) and it’s totally fine even for sensitive skin.

So since Gleam has these supernatural superpowers (or some tan fairies making this stuff in a factory on a cloud somewhere), I was intrigued when I heard about the Lip Radiance. But I was like, it’s just lip gloss—how much different can it be from my Chanel?

The answer: A whole lot.
gleam lip radiance

Now I say “lip gloss” but Gleam’s product is actually more of a lip gloss/lipstick hybrid (read: unicorn). When you put it on, it feels a tad thicker than regular lip gloss, but it’s super pigmented, long-lasting, moisturizing (thanks to vitamin E, jojoba oil, and aloe vera), non-sticky, and will NEVER GET CRUSTY because that’s

jimmy fallon ew
It’s created by award-winning makeup artist Melanie Mills, so it’s designed with Hollywood stars in mind (they need long-lasting, non-crusty color at all times). I love that I don’t have to deal with lipstick AND lip gloss and I can just throw this in my bag when I’m running out the door (late, per usual) and even apply it in the car sans mirror.

I’m obsessed with the burgundy-ish shade Up Against the Wall, the two reds (Unstoppable is more orange; With My Heels On is more pink), and the perfect nude shade Naked. I would post a photo of myself wearing one of these shades, but I have a zit that just won’t quit close to my mouth and ain’t nobody want to see that up close. But stay tuned for an Instagram video of me putting this gloss on in slow-mo set to a sexy song in the near future when this blemish monstrosity finally decides to say BYE FELICIA. In the meantime, here’s Swedish blogger Maddemoe showing off the shades:

lip gleam
She also probably knows how to cover up a zit way better than I do.

So friends, my addiction is complete. I’m obsessed with Gleam Body Radiance and now can’t live without with the Lip Radiance. I also love the massive face and body brush, which is incredible for the Gleam Radiant Dust (for when you want your skin to REALLY glow) or your bronzer of choice.

And now all the ladies in my life know what they’re getting for Christmas.

You glow, girls.


*And if you’re in Atlanta, you can purchase Gleam Body Radiance AND Lip Radiance at Raw Bronzing Studio. Tell ‘em I sent you!

**Psst, use code “basic” for 25% off ALL products through May 2016**

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