‘Tis the season for sequins, scarves, mistletoe, parties, cookies, red wine, weight gain, and most of all…..GIVING. I can’t provide you with any tips to avoid the December Six (pounds) because I literally have no idea, but I can tell you what to get for the ladies in your life this holiday season. If you’re a regular Witty + Pretty reader (I love you), you may have seen a lot of these things, but here they are all in one convenient place, plus a lot more.

Without further ado, here are a few (well, 20) of my FAVORITE THINGS. Sorry I can’t give everyone a car.

1. Gleam. You have to know by now this is the best beauty brand on the planet (if not, read here). Gift the large-size Body Radiance ($40) with a Lip Radiance ($24) or two and you will change lives.
Lrg.Med.Small.Gleam Tubes.Transparentgleam lip radiance

2. Foreo Luna and Luna Mini.
Bye Felicia Clarisonic; this is the new way to wash your face and I’m obsessed. The Luna gives you a deep cleanse with fancy T-sonic technology, is super hygienic (you never have to change a brush thingy), and you get 300-450 uses from one full charge. The mini is $139 and the big one is $199. (They only look like sex toys).foreo_luna_mini_1

3. Harry Josh Pro Tools.
Best blowdryer ($300) and flat iron ($250) of all time (here’s proof). And the new brush line is incredible as well. Get your freak heat on.
4. NudeAudio portable bluetooth speaker.
Ever since I got this crown jewel (I have the Move M in grey/mint, $70) my Jambox has sat in a drawer untouched (F that thing). The Nude is uber compact and even has a cord for easy hanging (read: great for the bathroom if you like to take party showers like me), puts out super loud and quality sound (no ratchet vibrations), and lasts forever without charging. I am seriously so obsessed, and the fact that it matches my Harry Josh tools is an added bonus.

5. Mugs.
I will never be mad at a mug. People always love my vodka one ($17) and the bird with a French fry ($10).

french fry

6. S’well or BKR bottle:
You cannot go wrong with gifting one of these to a stylish girl on the go who likes to keep her hydration game on point ($25-$45).



7. Cashmere convertible gloves.
Is there anything more legit than a cashmere fingerless glove/mitten hybrid so you can easily whip out your fingers to text, not get frostbite, and still look super cute? I have the most glorious pair from the W Store but I can’t find them online, so here’s the closest thing I found courtesy of Nordstrom and on super sale ($40).


8. Blanket scarf.
DUH. Get the scoop on all the best blanket scarves here (but before you go HAM on ordering, see the next item).

Express blanket scarf

9. Fouta.
I have given these to so many friends because they are literally the most perfect gift OF ALL TIME. And finally the best one is available online (I have two of this style).

10. Rewined candle
. If you have ladies in your life who loves wine and good smells (that should be everyone), this is the money shot. Rewined candles (out of Charleston!) are recycled wine bottles with incredible vino-inspired scents (I highly recommend the seasonal ‘Under the Tree’) that permeate a room like a boss. Nothing worse than a damn candle THAT DOESN’T WORK.

11. South Moon Under everything
: This is my favorite store in the universe. They’re always having sales. Buy everything for yourself and everyone else. (These J. Brand jeans are the most flattering/slimming pair I’ve ever worn; no bullshit).


12. Books.
Everyone loves a good book (if they can read). Please make sure every person you know has read The Language of Flowers (probably my favorite book of all time), and click here for other suggestions. Also, Amy Poehler’s Yes Please. Is Kim K’s selfie book out yet? WHO CARES.

language of flowers

13. Sweet Peach scrub:
This is an Atlanta-only present (but online sales coming soon, I promise). The sugar scrubs at Sweet Peach Wax & Sugaring Studio are the best, most luxurious body exfoliators I’ve ever used and they smell divine. I love the peach and brown sugar, but there is also green tea I need to try. Throw one of them in with a Brazilian gift cert for a winning gift.
body scrubs

14. Bella Bag.
Designers handbags for less? The answer is always yes. Why am I rhyming? The collection is incredible right now (oh, the Chanels….), so head over to that site and drool your face off. If you’re in Atlanta, they have a fancy new store in #BUCKHEAD.


15. The best earrings. 
This is another gift my friends and I have all gotten for each other, and there isn’t a girl in the world who doesn’t love ’em. These sparkly studs ($24) are just enough bling to brighten up your lobes, but not too much to wear with jeans and a plaid (or leggings and a hoodie, let’s be honest). All three colors are fantastic. Yes I have all of them.

16. Nixon watch.
 Do not fall victim to the Michael Kors watch, ladies; THERE ARE BETTER OPTIONS OUT THERE. I love Nixon; it’s the same price point (or less) and way cooler (I get compliments on mine all the time, especially from dudes). Don’t be #basic.


17. MPG leggings.
They’re the best (affordable, make your ass look good, no camel toe), and this year’s Lead pant in charcoal ($51) is just adventurous enough but still slimming, because we all know non-black leggings can be fattening AF. I also love the Avert style ($43 on sale); and in Atlanta, you can shop MPG at DEKA. I 100% rock these out on the town with Frye boots or heels and a silk blouse; don’t even hate.
mpg leggings

18. Lollia Wish.
This glorious perfume was one of my first W+P posts and it’s still as magical as ever. If you get it for someone, you better pick up some for yourself (at least the mini bottle for $9) because you’ll be jealous as hell when they start getting sniffed on the street. What? The larger bottle is out of stock on the Lollia website, but  Amazon has it (and for less at $47). And I think you can find it at Anthro as well.
lollia wish

19. Yogitoes towel.
If you have a hot yogi (or aspiring) gal pal/family member and she’s practicing (or planning on practicing) without a Yogitoes towel ($64), you’re about to change her life. More on my hot yoga obsession here.

20. Ruffian nail laquer.
All hail Ruffian Red–the best red nail polish on the planet (color, smooth application factor, staying power, etc. ). Paired with a creamy beige and smoky black for the Ruffian Classics Collections ($24), it’s the most killer nail polish set you could give. And you absolutely have to get that red for yourself.

And this gift guide took so long to do that I’m going to bed at the same time all the Black Friday freaks are waking up to go throw elbows for a flatscreen. Happy shopping, lovers.


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