Don’t you love when someone sends you a video under 20 seconds and it’s so incredible you take a moment to thank God for the Internet (and animals)? That’s how I felt yesterday when my friend Joel sent me this tearjerker.

Since I pretty much have to hold back tears every time I see a cute dog (even if it’s on Instagram), you can imagine me watching this for the first time (picture a wine drunk sorority girl). THAT HUG AT THE END THO. And I just love this so much because it’s real. No matter how well trained a dog is, you can’t force them to do things in their sleep (duh), and you just can’t fake this kind of unconditional love. Maybe it’s CGI, but I highly doubt it.

I don’t know if this makes me want a boyfriend or another dog……..

Definitely another dog.


*And here’s another one if dogs comforting dogs during nightmares is your new favorite thing in life. 

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