I remember the moment I saw an enlarged Emoji on Snapchat. It was last Tuesday night; I sat up straight in bed and knew my life was changed forever. This are few things I love more in this world than Emojis and when they’re larger than life, I LITERALLY CAN’T EVEN. The number one reason I am sad I missed Taylor Swift’s late-night pizza/birthday party is not because Beyonce and Sam Smith were there, but because Justin Timberlake wore a poop Emoji mask and that is a reason to rejoice for all that is right in this world.
Screen Shot 2014-12-15 at 1.16.45 AMBut I digress.

So last Thursday night, I was out with my beloved @BrosBeingBasic at the Bonobos menswear boutique opening, and we spent 90% of the evening hanging out by ourselves in the back of the store (near the bar, duh) and creating a Snapchat story. It was the brainchild of my friend Nick Via (nickvia on Snapchat, tough to remember), who has been my Snapchat mentor (read: actually responds to me when I text him “WAIT HOW DO I DO THIS WHAT IS HAPPENING???!”), and I highly recommend everyone follow him. But don’t like, send him tit pics or whatever (I know some of you desperados were thinking it).

Here’s what happens when someone says, “Ok everyone, act out your favorite Emoji.”

IMG_9092Everyone always.

IMG_9095Homegirl needs a vodka drink in her other hand; who can I email?

IMG_9093The face worth a thousand emotions.

IMG_9083How I feel pretty much every time I go on a date.

IMG_9084Happy family. It was hard to nail those soulless eyes though.

IMG_9098Still don’t know what this guy is about, but I like it.

IMG_9085I always feel bad for this chick. She looks like she just farted while simultaneously getting dumped by her boyfriend (think about how bad that would suck for a second).

IMG_9096Pro coloring (that’s Nick btw).

IMG_9097No one would ever make that face, but whatever. That creeper in the back though…

IMG_9094A given.

IMG_9099A #bromance.

IMG_9102A tough one to master.

And later at the bar…
And when I got home after 93749274 vodka drinks…


I think we nailed them. Ish. And now I just can’t wait to see all the Emoji creations my hilarious friends are coming up with like these gems from dimesatchel:


God bless America.

AshJoyHess (on Snapchat)

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