Dear lovers and friends,

The time has come. Yes…finally.

A) I’m engaged.

B) I’m pregnant.

C) I’m looking for more W+P contributors.

D) I gave up alcohol.

E) All of the above.

The answer………C (duh).

And maybe B, you just never know. What?
It’s my goal this year to get more funny people all up in this blog. Hilarious writers with great article ideas and personal (embarrassing and/or inspirational) stories are always welcome, but I’m also looking for people who might want to contribute their insight/opinions here and there, for example the guys in the high-waisted shorts post (what a doozy that was), and the girls for the Master List of Turn-Offs and Texts You Only Send a Best Friend. Additionally, any ideas/tips are always welcome–funny videos that 593749284793874 million people haven’t seen yet, beauty products to review, fashion trends to critique, something in pop culture/social media you’d like to hear my #IDGAF commentary on.

If you’re interested in contributing, sharing a story, offering insight, or ever just want to send a tip (that does not mean a dick pic, btw), please email Put “contributor” or “tip” or “most embarrassing date/fart story of all time” or “HEY WRITE ABOUT THIS, BETCH” in the subject line and feel free to give me a taste of your personality/awesomeness in the email. Anonymity is always respected, but those who contribute and want to be recognized will get linked/pimped out for their social media accounts. For the record, all the guys from the Instagram article got like 53479274 new followers (albeit some of them total creeper chicks) after that thing went viral AF.
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Insider info: I’m currently working on a post where I’ma need a lot of funny dudes to give me their opinions, and after that, I’ll want some #BadBitches to share some stories.
help me i'm poor
I’ll just be over here waiting by my inbox.


PS, I’m not pregnant Mom, I swear.

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