I’ve always had a sweet spot for Ford Motor Company. It’s such a part of American history (that Model T tho), my dad drives a big ass F-250 (one of his many vehicles), and I once dated this hot AF guy with a sweet, red Focus (he’s totally reading this right now). So when Ford asked if I wanted to give their vehicles a whirl, I was more than happy to hide the Hesscalade (read: ’03 Xterra) in the garage and forget it existed for a bit.

I drove two Ford hybrids for a week each and road tripped in both of them. Coincidence that I asked to borrow them on weeks I had trips? Nope. Y’all know the Hesscalade can’t go too far from home.

First up was the C-Max Energi–ridiculously adorable, unbelievable gas mileage, and super peppy. Someone even rolled down the window on my drive to Rosemary Beach to ask what kind of whip it was.
One of my favorite features was the motion censor trunk so when you’re carrying a ton of shit like I always seem to be (luggage, groceries, 50-pound bag of dog food, 70-pound dog, etc.) you just swipe your foot under the bumper and the trunk magically opens (and the same to close it). And of course it’s so quiet you don’t even know it’s on (I only left it running once, what?). Starting MSRP is $24K(ish).

I was a big fan of this car, but it was the next one I really fell in love with. Like, I wanted to keep it. I still do. (Ford, holler if ya hear me.)

The Ford Fusion Energi is a sexy car. So I made sure to wear my sexiest outfit when they dropped it off for me.
IMG_6118So #blessed to be a fashion blogger.

I love the tan leather interior (really steps up your car #LipSyncSelfie game).

And makes your #basic shopping Instagram pic look even fancier. #NoFilter needed.

And the backup camera is on point (not that I need it).
It looked so good parked in front of my second home…


And when you want to charge it…

Literally just plug it into an outlet. IMG_6554
It was so hard to say goodbye (don’t mind that contortionist arm).
IMG_2017You can drive the car on gas, electric, or utilizing both. It has an EPA-estimated range of 550 miles when starting with a full tank of gas and fully charged battery (that’s crazy). It has an EPA-estimated rating of 21 miles in electric-only mode – nearly triple the electric-only range of the Toyota Prius plug-in hybrid and nearly double the Honda Accord plug-in hybrid (Prius snobs, sit your asses down). There are all kinds of impressive features like a lane keeping system, adaptive cruise control, heated seats and steering wheel, active park assist, voice control everything, SiriusXM radio, etc. And I drove the 2014, so you know there’s even fancier shiz this year. Starting MSRP is $27K(ish).

So yeah, I’m going to need Ford to give me that car, but in the meantime, YOU can win a fancy new whip for the week. We’re bringing out the big guns and giving one lucky reader the 2015 Expedition. (Um, where was this when I was test driving…?) I’m going to guess it doesn’t get the same gas mileage as the C-Max and Fusion, but it’s a badass $50K+ car and seats eight, so you can ride around and get it with all your bros/betches.

2015 Ford Expedition
2015 Ford Expedition
Which brings us to how to win. In honor of Valentine’s Day and this Expedition being the COLOR OF LOVE, we want you to share how you’d spread the love if you snagged this car for the week. Would you deliver food to those less fortunate? Ride around scooping up Park Atlanta tickets and paying them (EW)? Take your Grandma to church? Go on seven Tinder dates every night of the week? Sit in the car listening to Drake and making out with the steering wheel? Whatever it is, share with a comment below (be sure to leave the “post to Facebook” box checked) and I’ll be choosing one winner at random EOD Monday, February 16. And we’d love the winner to share his/her experience on social media, so if you’re into that sort of thing, feel free to mention it.

Good luck, LOVERS.


*Must be 25 years old, live in the metro Atlanta area, and have a valid drivers license (DUH) to be eligible to win. 

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