Have you ever watched a trailer for an R-rated comedy and gotten teary-eyed because it just spoke to you so much?

No? Just me? Ok moving on.

I saw the trailer for Trainwreck and already know this is LITERALLY my favorite movie of all time. Why?

1. Amy Schumer (duh). Everything about her is comedic perfection–her innocent look, her expressions, her words, her delivery, her entire vibe, need I go on?

2. Bill Hader as the love interest. Um, has that ever happened? I mean, Stefon!? This. Movie. Has. Everything.

3. LeBron Fucking James.

4. This quote: “Before you judge, you should know I’m doing fine: My friends are awesome, my apartment’s sick, and I have a great job.”

5. Everything that every single girl can relate to. I’m mean, I think we’ve all been there when a guy calls unexpectedly (because he’s a decent person) and we drop the phone like it’s a goddamn hot potato. Kudos to all guys who still pick up the phone these days, but it can be terrifying. “Why would he call?! You guys just had sex!”

And yet with all the “monogamy isn’t realistic” talk, this movie might still give us single skeptics hope.

July 17 can’t come fast enough.

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