I don’t really know how else to say this without sounding braggy, so I’ll just blurt it out: I hardly ever get blemishes. BUT WAIT, don’t hate me yet—my skin is dry AF, so while you ladies with more oily complexions may be pimple-prone, I’m aging more rapidly than you as we speak. Crows feet or adult acne? Pick your poison. I HATE EVERYTHING.

Anyway, a month or so ago noticed I was getting pimples (as in I had two legitimate zits and another one sprouting), so naturally I went into PANIC MODE. I started analyzing any changes in my lifestyle, diet, and skincare routine, and then I realized the culprit: I had just started doing hot yoga again.

Here’s what happens during hot yoga. Your pores are WIDE open in that hell box sauna they call a studio. Then you wipe your face (perhaps with a towel that touched the floor and/or your mat) and you insert those germs right into your pores. If you don’t wash your face right away that nastiness just sinks right in, creating a zit factory in your face.
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I love my hot box hell yoga studio (except when I get ASSaulted), but there is just no way they can keep that place totally sanitized with all those sweaty bodies coming in and out. The same goes for any type of workout where you’re on the floor, using communal machines, etc. Here are some tips to prevent your workout from turning you into the ‘before’ picture of a Clearasil ad.

1. Clean your yoga mat regularly with sanitary wipes, and I always use my Yogitoes towel over mine and wash it after every session.

2. Take extra precaution with that towel you’re wiping all over your face. I bring a small towel to wipe my face during yoga and I balance it on my water bottle next to me like some sort of Cirque de Soleil OCD psycho so it doesn’t touch the floor or my mat. I do another circuit workout class where I see women use the same towel they lay on the machines and mats as a sweat/germ barrier to wipe their faces, which is a huge (and gross) no-no. Sure, take all the germs from the machines and put them right into your face. EW. Either skip the barrier towel (and just shower right after) or use two towels.

3. Shower or cleanse your face right after a workout. I don’t always shower RIGHT after a workout, but you better believe I wipe down my mug nowadays. I love the refreshing and hydrating Yogi Wipes (a little pricey), but any cleansing towelettes will do, such as Yes To. Keep them in your car or gym bag and you’re always prepared. I also use them on my arms, neck, any exposed skin really. At the very least, wet a paper towel and wipe your face if you can’t shower within 30 minutes after a workout.

I started taking these preventative pimple measures and haven’t seen one since.

Happy sweating!

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