It has been a minute (and a half) since I’ve done an A-List, but I have some fun things to share so I figured it was high time to bring back the whole “girl about town” reputation (wait, that sounded slutty…) and show Atlanta some love. But first…HOW ABOUT THIS WEATHER, HUH? Newsflash: It’s winter. Moving on.

Gusto! Wood Fire Grill (+ Flywheel)
So I have been wanting to write about Gusto! for a while now. My friend Nate opened this incredible fast-casual concept in the fall and I’ve probably eaten there 932749274 times (give or take). It’s a healthy option with fresh AF ingredients and proteins prepared on a wood fire grill (hence the name of the place). You order by choosing your style (greens, grains, bread, flatbread), your protein (chicken, portabella, shrimp), and your gusto (the deliciousness that goes atop your dish in flavor profiles like chipotle mango avocado, apple curry peanut, and sweet soy sriricha), then you get your majestic meal in like, two seconds flat. Which is perfect if you’re always hangry (like moi). IMG_6504

My absolute favorite is the shrimp on greens with chipotle mango avocado gusto (I seriously crave it on the reg; the shrimp is so legit), but all the others I’ve tried have been to-die-for, too.
IMG_8997Gusto! also has mouthwatering froyo that tastes like ice cream FTW and GIANT HOMEMADE COOKIES I made Nate pose with for the 11th day of Bros Being Basic and I know he secretly loved it.
IMG_2318 IMG_2319

So yeah, eat here and thank me later. BUT IN ADDITION, Gusto! has partnered with my #1 bae, Flywheel Sports (y’all know about that love affair) in a February sweepstakes where you can win a $200 Gusto gift card + 10-pack of Flywheel classes (!!!!!). Total package value: $93749287492874 (give or take). Hop on that like the stationary bike next to a hot guy/girl.

See you at Gusto, lovers (I’ll be the one taking a shrimp bowl to the face) or sweating profusely at Flywheel burning off those gargantuan cookies.

Sorelle Boutique
10308900_1495915050671014_3391278750574304345_nI don’t know if any of you ladies remember when Meringue closed a few months ago, but I was distraught. It had been one of my absolute favorite boutiques in the city for years and the #1 place to drunk-shop/max out your credit card after a 3-hour brunch at Rosebud. When I heard that Sorelle opened in the same space in December, I was all, WHATEVER IT WILL NEVER COMPARE, but little did I know that former Meringue owner Nicole is still involved and is actually doing the buying right now. So joke’s on me, it’s basically the exact same store. Whoops. I popped in to grab an outfit for my Valentine’s TV segment and fell in love at first sight with the most perfect, flattering dress ever created (seriously, it was in the window and I swooned).

IMG_1995This shameless selfie is actually taken at Bella Bag (that Birkin tho…), but you get the point.

That dress was one of many I obsessed over and there were so many cute tops, perfect pants and jeans, jackets, accessories, etc. because again, it’s just like Meringue. Think brands like Amanda Uprichard (which is the red dress), Joie, Splendid, Ella Moss, and lots more killer designers coming in this spring. 
I highly recommend checking this boutique out (before or after your bottomless mimosas, whichever), AND as an extra incentive, you can mention Witty + Pretty for 10% off your purchase for the month of February. YAY SHOPPING.

Bamboo Juices
Hold onto your taste buds because I’m comin’ in hot with this one. Bamboo Juices are another of my recent obsessions and I cannot wait for everyone to gulp them down like red wine during a snowstorm (the only way to survive). These raw, organic, cold-pressed juices are so major for so many reasons. 1) They’re incredible for your health/bikini season goals (duh). They’re alkalizing, detoxifying, cleansing, bloat reducing, energizing, all that important ‘ing stuff. 2) They’re delicious. Seriously. I’ve tried about six different flavors and was a fan of every one especially the carrot coconut and lemon ginger. 3) Bamboo offers 1- and 3-day cleanses, which are great options if you need to cleanse, reduce bloat, and/or just need a little health kick/body reset (anything longer than that is silly, let’s be honest). 4) They deliver everywhere but FREE in Atlanta. WIN. 5) The bottles are glass and awesome and you can save them (I’ve been putting my smoothies in them and taking them to go when I’m in a rush (read: always).
But most importantly, we need to talk about the ALMOND MILKS. You guys, I cannot even express how delicious these magical elixers are.

Here’s what happened exactly 3.5 seconds after I put the coffee almond milk to my lips.
IMG_1329GONE GIRL. Then I promptly freaked out, made a claim on Instagram that it was better than sex (I’m still sticking by that), and had to restrain myself from drinking the other one on the spot and ordering 239479247 more. And get ready for me to blow your mind: I put it in my blender with a frozen banana and ohmygod. OHMYGOD.

So give these a whirl, and because I’m all about the deals: Enter discount code “witty” to receive a FREE juice or almond milk with your first order totaling $30 or more.

I hope I’ve enlightened you on shrimp, shopping, and orgasmic milk, and if you’re hitting all this stuff up, tag me on Instagram @AshHess so I can feel like I’m making a difference in this world.


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