Just when you didn’t think there could be anything more perfect than Ryan Gosling as the hopelessly devoted blue collar dreamboat in The Notebook, Ryan Gosling as the reformed player with the Adonis body in Crazy Stupid Love, and Ryan Gosling in real life as the perfect, 34-year-old male specimen/boyfriend/baby daddy……more perfection surfaces on the Internet: Ryan Gosling as the white, preteen MC Hammer.

Here’s one gem:

And a longer EVEN BETTER clip where he really lights the stage on fire:

I’M SORRY BUT WHERE HAVE THESE VIDEOS BEEN HIDING ALL OUR LIVES? They are literally the greatest thing I’ve seen in weeks, maybe months, maybe……all year (well, except for my #SpiritAnimal, which I still watch daily). The hammer pants, the sick footwork, the pelvic thrusts, the knee pump, the fact that all those girls are probably Ryan’s same age but they’re a foot taller than him because puberty (I feel your pain, ladies). I don’t even know what this is from and I don’t care. I’ll take it as a gift from the YouTube Gods. Thanks for the #blessing.
Excuse me, I need a minute.

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