Lovers and friends, let me introduce you to Tinder royalty: Alexandra of the blog Toe Pick. This genius betch matches with the finest male specimens on the world’s most beloved shallow dating app and channels various personalities to communicate with them and it’s nothing short of magical. The only thing more incredible than the shit she comes up with is the amount of time guys will spend talking to a crazy female in hopes she could be unstable enough to F them.

Behold her majesty in action.

The Gurl Who Only Communicates via N’Sync lyrics
No explanation needed.


The Cat Lady

Another one that needs no explanation. This lady is obsessed with her cat. Like, it’s unsettling. She also uses quotes from Bryan Adams songs to convey her devotion to Tabitha (Tabby for short).

The Girl Who Spits Out Complete Nonsense
My favorite prankster, Jack Vale, does this bit on YouTube where he drives around random parking lots spewing out nonsense to random people.  It tends to make people feel a little crazy. (Click here to watch my idol in action and to laugh your arse off.) Jack Vale’s antics were my inspiration for this tinderoni.



Debbie Downer With a Dark Past

This Tinder gurl is plagued by constant problems. Simply put: Deborah Downer was dealt a shitty hand and she has no problem venting to whoever will listen to her.  


The Tranny


The Immature Sheltered Girl Who Asks Really Personal Questions
I struggled with whether or not to feature this one because it’s gross. Also, you can’t really tell from Barrett’s pic but he is quite the bulky one. Looks like B likes to hit the gym a time or twelve.


The How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days Girl 

This chick is desperate to get married and have babies. She pesters these poor guys relentlessly, says all the wrong things, and is well, crazy.

And that’s how it’s done, folks. Thank you to Alexandra for being awesome and to these guys for being well….patient. Or desperate. Or horny. Or all of the above.

If you want more, YOU’RE IN LUCK. Check out Toe Pick for the Tinder prank Hall of Fame.

Brb, swiping right on everyone.


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