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ALL HAIL TARGET’S SWIM COLLECTION. (Can I get an amen?) I can’t remember a summer in the last decade that I haven’t gotten a swimsuit from the world’s greatest department store/heaven. I splurge on expensive/designer suits from time to time, but I still always find a perfect bikini from Target and they stand the test of time. This suit is still my favorite I own and I got it in 2012 so I’ve worn it approximately 2937492734897 times (give or take) and I wish they would re-release it so I could buy 18 more. HINT HINT, Target. This year I went in and had that familiar overwhelming feeling when I saw all the suits fresh and perfect on their racks before the ransacking happens (y’all know what the swim section can look like mid-July). But somehow through all the choices and anxiety, my deer-in-headlights gaze fixated upon a particular suit and it turned out to be The One. And then I spotted the perfect crocheted coverup to go over it. By this point, I was on blazing fire, so I picked up some flip-flops, and with the “buy one, get one half off” sale Target was running on swimwear, my grand total for this entire beach ensemble was $50 FTW.
target swimAND THIS IS WHY WE TARGET. I love a good strapless suit and it doesn’t hurt when it’s a pushup. But this one also came with straps so you can wear it standard bra-style (read: wipe out in the ocean and not have a double nip slip). And I’m a big fan of black with tie-dye and neon accents. But the coverup is what I’m especially excited about. Coral is one of my favorite colors and there is nothing easier than throwing on a mesh dress to make a bikini acceptable to wear on the street/to happy hour/to church.
DSC_0311 copy
Once again Target, thanks for stepping up my summer and saving me money so I can spend it on beach vacays whilst wearing your clothes.


PS, don’t wear your bikini to church. That was a joke.

Find your style @targetstyle.


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