Ok ladies and cross-dressing men. Let’s talk about this sleek, chic, fun, and flirty frock.

You can wear it to work…

Happy hour…


An awkward hot date…xpoo_emoji_dress_6.jpg.pagespeed.ic.tz4tBLqw2d

Or dinner with that frenemy you want to cut (insert Emoji knife).

This lightweight cotton dress is super flattering and perfection for spring.

But take a closer look.xpoo_emoji_dress_11.jpg.pagespeed.ic.N8wcKZR9LB

Even closer…xpoo_emoji_dress_0.jpg.pagespeed.ic.yKaOVwEEbG

Come on, get in there.xpoo_emoji_dress_3.jpg.pagespeed.ic.SvTKm7MsCw
No your eyes aren’t playing tricks on you; it is indeed our favorite happy poop (and the “collision symbol” which I honestly don’t know if I’ve ever used) in pattern form.

WHAT MUTHA FUKIN GENIUS was like, “Let’s take the smiling shit Emoji and make a pretty pattern with it so chicks will wear it as a GODDAMN DRESS?” Because I need to meet that fashion visionary and Karl Lagerfeld better watch his back. Could this be the new wave in fashion? Emoji clothing? (See also this.) Well this poo dress is coming in hot (wait that came out wrong…) and it could be yours for a little over a hundy.

All I have to say is:


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